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3D Camera System 3D Vectra

3D Camera System 3D Vectra

With the 3D camera system 3d Vectra , we can show our patients the result of a plastic surgery before the procedure for the first time. The dream of knowing how to look after the operation before it finally comes true.

Our practice is one of the first in Turkey to use 3d Vectra  simulation technology. It is the result of years of research. Using 3D phototechnology, a three-dimensional model of the body is created that accurately reflects the patient’s individual anatomy. At this 3D model now various operation results can be played through.

For example, the patient who seeks advice on breast augmentation often has difficulty expressing her exact wishes. Not infrequently, your biggest concern is whether the doctor has understood their idea of ​​size. Sizes such as “B or C cups”, large or small, are inaccurate and difficult to communicate. With the Vectra 3d, she can “try on” various implants in the virtual “showroom” before deciding on a specific size or shape. Frequently asked questions such as “drop-shaped or round” or “in front of or behind the chest muscle” can be answered very precisely.

For facial surgery or nose surgery, there are often vague ideas about the desired change. In the virtual showroom, the nose patient can try on the three-dimensional model of the face different nose shapes before deciding on the desired nose. The result is an active communication, where the patient actively shapes the desired surgical result.

Together with you, we will develop an exact custom treatment plan, in which you can contribute your ideas in concrete terms. The preoperative worries and remorse often associated with an aesthetic procedure are thus effectively removed. This facilitates the decision for or against surgery. You can see immediately what treatment outcome you can expect and can deal with it preoperatively. Conversely, the surgeon can show what is technically feasible and, above all, what is technically unfeasible. This is how Vectra 3d simulation technology is already widely used in our practice:

  • Breast reduction, tightening
  • breast augmentation
  • rhinoplasty
  • and further interventions

How does Vectra 3D simulation technology work?

The 3D Vectra works like an oversized camera. The patient stretches undressed in front of the device, and the desired body part is photographed from all sides by 6 high-resolution cameras. Now, within seconds, high-resolution 3-dimensional stills are generated and a virtual 3D model of the photographed body region is created. The model can be rotated on the screen and viewed by the patient and the surgeon from any angle. The surgeon can then use various simulation tools to achieve the patient’s desired change.


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