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3D Simulation of Breast Augmentation

3D Simulation of Breast Augmentation

3D Simulation of Breast Augmentation; When women think about breast augmentation, they want to know as much as possible in advance what the outcome of the surgery will look like. On the one hand it is about the shape of the breast and on the other hand about the size. Basically, the wishes of the patient in the preliminary examination must be discussed. It is also possible to bring pictures and photos so that the doctor gets an impression of the expectations of the patient. In addition, many clinics now offer the option of visualizing the result of a breast augmentation as a 3D simulation in advance.

Due to the large physical differences, it is advisable to present the result of a breast augmentation or a breast augmentation with autologous fat beforehand as a 3D simulation on a computer; we use 3D Vectra . The patient then knows exactly which goals can be achieved. The upper body is scanned with so-called 3D cameras. A software is then able to shape and display the breasts according to the wishes of the patient and the suggestions of the doctor on the screen.

Thanks to the 3D simulation of a breast augmentation, the doctor and patient can then assess what enlargement of the breast looks like with different implants. Is an implant with 300 ml enough to achieve the desired result? Or should it be a size bigger? The shape and position of the implant can also be illustrated with a 3D simulation of breast augmentation. So is more a drop-shaped implant suitable or a round pillow? Or should the implant be placed behind, behind or behind the muscle?

Result of the 3D simulation of a breast augmentation

Based on the inputs, the breast can be individually changed and visualized beforehand. The doctor then decides together with the patient the size, shape and position of the implant. With the 3D simulation of a breast augmentation, the patient has the perfect opportunity to express her wishes. And the doctor can visualize which goals can be surgically implemented. Not all doctors and clinics currently offer the 3D simulation for breast augmentation. We are happy to help you find a supplier with this technique.

Another helpful indicator when choosing a doctor is the service rating. It is calculated individually for each doctor and provides detailed information about the qualification, the service, the patient opinions and the services included in the price. Thus, those who are thinking about breast enlargement can compare the doctors quickly and easily and determine which provider is best for them. Do you have questions about breast augmentation? Then call us 0532 777 8939- we are happy to advise you. Free, discreet and without obligation!

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