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Aftercare And Care For Breast Augmentation

Aftercare And Care For Breast Augmentation

Aftercare And Care For Breast Augmentation; For an optimal result of breast augmentation, aftercare and care are of great importance. Patients should take at least two weeks holiday and relax physically as well as mentally, so that the body can recover as best as possible. Even a short vacation can help to calm down. In order to relieve the skin after surgery, as part of the aftercare, the support bra should be worn regularly and according to the doctor’s instructions, which also promotes healing of the scars. In addition, care should be taken that initially only sleep on the back, because the abdominal or lateral position, the tissue is too heavily loaded.

Particularly important in the context of the follow-up of a breast augmentation is the care of the scar. This is the only way to produce a result that is visually satisfying for the patient and the doctor. With medical ointments and patches can be effectively prevented the formation of large and bulging scars. First and foremost, patients must be patient with scar care and follow the doctor’s instructions in the long term and consistently.

Minimum age for breast augmentation

A common question asked by young women is about the minimum age: “How old should a woman be for breast augmentation?” There is no legal age for breast augmentation, but most physicians are 18 years old. If the patient is under the age of 18, she needs the consent of the parent or guardian, but for women between the ages of 18 and 22, the doctor should also carefully check the reasons for the operation.

Breast augmentation: Age plays an important role

Whether a patient is suitable for breast augmentation, possibly with autologous fat, also shows in the mental maturity. Does the woman herself desire breast augmentation or is there pressure from outside – through the social environment or a current fashion trend? Here it is the task of the doctor to find out in the consultation, why the patient wishes the treatment. Also, the medical backgrounds need to be more closely controlled. Sometimes it takes up to the age of 20, until the breast of a woman is fully grown, also habits such as sports and diet can have a major impact on the growth of the breast.

If there is a mamma aplasia or mammary hypoplasia, ie a lack of breast tissue or underdevelopment of the breast tissue, this can be detected by the surgeon. In these cases, a breast augmentation would be possible under the age of 18 years. The same applies to a tubular breast. The lower areas of the breast are not fully developed, which leads to so-called tube breasts. This shows the breast and especially the nipple down, which, however, can be surgically corrected.

Breast Augmentation With Minimal Touch

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