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Before The Breast Op in Turkiye İstanbul

Before The Breast Op in Turkiye İstanbul

In an individual consultation with us at the clinic in İstanbul, the customer has the opportunity to talk about the changes that she would like to make in the appearance of her breasts. It will be discussed which size and type of breast implant is used, the type of skin incision, how the position of the implant will be, and whether it may be advisable to additionally perform a breast lift to optimally correct the breast.

There are also questions about the health of the customer clarified, such as, whether taking medication or there are breast cancer diseases in the family / gave.

Process Of Breast Enlargement

During a breast enlargement, a skin incision is made, the breast tissue is raised, a prosthetic pocket is formed and finally a breast implant is inserted. The breast implants may be placed either under the pectoral muscle or below the mammary gland above the pectoral muscle. The choice of where to place the implants depends on the shape of your breast, the type of implants and other considerations.


In most cases, breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia.


Breast augmentation usually takes one to two hours. The duration depends on which technique is used and where the implants are inserted.

Outpatient Or Inpatient Treatment?

Breast augmentation can be performed on an outpatient basis in our operating rooms in İstanbul private clinic. The customer can usually go home after a few hours rest.

Breast Enlargement – The Reason

The bandage will be changed after about a week. He must be worn for six weeks to ensure optimal scarring. The client should also wear a support bra permanently for several weeks until the swelling decreases and the breast heals from the inside. Lighter physical activities can be resumed after a few days. Large physical activities, such as sports should be omitted for six weeks. This supports scar healing.

Some women report in the first few months about sudden small stitches in the nipples and on the side of the breast. These are usually re-innervation pains (that is, the cutaneous nerves grow again and the feeling improves afterwards).

From the second day after surgery, you can shower with the adhesive bandage.

Breastfeeding is usually preserved, but of course there is no guarantee. The scars will be red for a few weeks, then fade after a few months. The foreign body feeling disappears increasingly.

No-Touch Technology

For a sterile, germ-free insertion of the implants, we use the special no-touch method. Here, the implants are touched before insertion exclusively by the surgeon. This method is standard in the Turkey Standard, which we have been strictly adhering to for over seven years. Any risks are significantly reduced. For other risks please click.

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