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Breast Abnormalities

Breast Abnormalities

(Tubular breast, tube breast, trunk breast)

The breast of the woman is a symbol of femininity. Shape, size and symmetry are of particular importance to female identity. Women’s self-esteem and sexuality are also closely related to the appearance of the breast. Especially breast malformations with asymmetries and deformities often lead to great mental stress on the woman.

Different breast malformations

There are different malformations of the breast and the nipple. The following breast malformations are to be mentioned: the so-called tubular breast (also tube or trunk breast), the Poland or Amazon syndrome, the Amastie or Athelie (Missing breast / nipple) and the polymasty or Polythelie (additional mammary tissue / supernumerary nipples).

The tubular breast

The tubular breast is also referred to as a tube or trunk breast. It arises already in the embryonic phase, the exact cause is unclear. Breast development occurs in the development of the breast (the elevation of the breast and the size increase, nipple and areola stand out from the breast contour). The breast continues to grow. The tubular breast may be unilateral or bilateral. The characteristics of the tubular breast are underdevelopment of single or multiple breast quadrants. The breast base is thus reduced with a too high under breast crease. The areola is enlarged and has annular constrictions in depth. In addition, there is a herniation (incident) of the mammary gland in the areola. The tubular breast is connected with a breast asymmetry. Women may have one, several or all findings of the tubular breast. Growing in the context of growth can not be expected.

The tubular breast correction

Due to the wide spectrum of tubular breast findings, there is no consistent concept of surgical correction. The variety of the tubular breast requires the creation of an individual surgical concept tailored to the findings and wishes of the individual woman. Decreased breast volume can be filled up with breast implants. Glandular prominences are corrected by special techniques. Enlarged nipples can be downsized by tightening corrections. If there are major asymmetries with skin excesses, further tightening measures may be necessary. The operation is always performed in general anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. The inpatient stay is about 3-4 days. The chest is wound postoperatively, and the day after surgery, the patient is fitted with a special sports bra.

What complications can occur in a breast correction?

Despite the utmost care, no surgery is without risk. There may always be bleeding and bleeding, or infections and healing disorders. Feelings of the chest normally normalize within a few months. If implants are used in the correction of tubular breasts, hardening (capsular contracture) may occur in minor cases, leading to corrective surgery.

Behavioral recommendations after surgery

We recommend a treatment of two weeks after the operation. The thread material used is self-dissolving, so that the thread train is eliminated. As part of a follow-up examination after 2-3 weeks, we only remove individual thread nodes. The sports bra should be worn for 6-8 weeks. The scar treatment begins after 3 weeks with special creams. Sports activities may be started for the lower limb after 3 weeks and for the upper limb after 8 weeks. A slow increase in the load is recommended. The direct sunlight of the scars should be avoided in the first 6 months. You will be informed in good time about further check-ups.

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