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Breast Aesthetics – For The Female And Male Breast in Turkey

Breast Aesthetics – For The Female And Male Breast in Turkey

Breast Aesthetics – for the Female and Male BreastsThe female breast is a sex characteristic which strongly determines the outward appearance of the woman. It contributes decisively to the body feeling and self-confidence.

Changes in breast shape, e.g. Due to the natural aging process, pregnancies or weight changes are quickly noticed. The outer shape of the breast affects the subjective feelings of many women. Unwanted changes in shape can effectively correct modern plastic surgery with its possibilities. The surgical breast augmentation (usually by implants) and the breast reduction (removal of fat and glandular tissue) or breast lift (breast lift and removal of excess skin) are often performed plastic surgery. Even a partially or completely removed breast can be rebuilt with the body’s own tissue. The position of the nipple, the size of the areola, the height of the lower breast crease and many other details play an important role in a natural breast shape. These parameters are taken into account individually during correction operations.

Even the male breast can fall ill or appear aesthetically unsatisfactory. Many men suffer e.g. By hormonal changes in the growth of the breasts, so that they look like female breasts. Again, this correction is a safe intervention in the hands of the plastic surgeon.

Breast Lift

The loss of a tight breast as a result of slackening of the skin and regression (atrophy) of the mammary gland body is a phenomenon that often occurs after pregnancy, weight loss or even in old age. Especially after several pregnancies and subsequent breastfeeding suffers the shape of the breast, so that often arises the desire for a breast lift.

If this is the case, it is always necessary to move the nipple and areola upwards. The newly defined position of the nipple essentially determines the later breast shape and is generally determined and marked before the operation on the patient standing.

The desired (symmetrical and firm) breast shape, the assurance of a complication-free wound healing and the preservation of touch sensitivity and pigmentation of the nipple are considered to be the highest goals of a breast lift and require an exact preparation and execution of the operation.

If necessary, with a significant decrease in volume of the mammary gland body or even with a very small breast, the sole tightening of the skin mantle is no longer sufficient to achieve an appealing aesthetic result. An additional possibility here is the combination of a tightening of the skin mantle with simultaneous replacement of the mammary gland tissue by a silicone gel implant.

The art of the procedure consists in the restoration of a breast which appears natural and youthful and corresponding to the stature of the patient. In the case of a normal course of action, a rapid wound healing within 14 days and a restoration of the ability to work or work are to be expected three weeks after the operation.

A detailed consultation on the possible surgical procedures and their follow-up treatment takes place in our office hours.

Breast Augmentation – Breast İmplants

To enlarge the female breast silicone gel implants are usually used today, which simulate a natural breast form by cohesive gel filling and roughened surfaces. These modern gels can no longer leak into the body in the event of a rupture of the implant shell (for example due to an accident). Right at the beginning: Silicone is made of silicon. This is an everyday substance that is well biocompatible, immunologically inactive and non-toxic. Breast augmentation often fell into negative headlines due to the earlier use of liquid silicone gel, breast implants with soybean oil or hydrogel, or as in the case of the PIP scandal of construction silicone. Modern breast implants with the EU seal of approval are safe. Numerous scientific studies have shown no association between silicone gel implants and breast cancer or connective tissue disease. The roughened shells rarely show the formation of a capsular fibrosis in long-term studies. Capsular fibrosis, a thick, contracted, sometimes painful connective tissue surrounding the implant, used to be a common complication in smooth-walled prostheses.

Breast implants do not stand in the way of later pregnancy, breastfeeding or popular recreational sports such as diving. Numerous shape variants (round, drop-shaped) and size combinations make it possible to find the optimal implant. For enlargement, an average of 250 g implants are introduced in Germany. This varies from country to country. Thus, e.g. In Venezuela, higher average weights around 400g per side are preferred. In Turkey 100 cc to 800 cc. The procedure can be performed at almost any age. However, the breast development should be completed safely. Planned pregnancies or weight changes could affect the outcome of the operation

Surgical Technique

The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and takes about one to two hours. Often, a small incision in the lower breast fold is used to insert the implant. Alternatively, the nipple can also be cut at the bottom. As a rule, the implant is positioned under the pectoral muscle. But there are also cases in which the position above the pectoralis makes sense. Whether the insertion of a Redondrainage is required, determines the surgeon during the operation. The skin incisions are closed with self-dissolving suture. The breast augmentation can also be combined with the breast lift. It is usually necessary to wear a chest strap after the operation, which supports the operation result and keeps it in shape. After six weeks, the exercise can be resumed. An implant replacement is usually required after 12-15 years. We recommend for the procedure a stay of one to two nights. Breast augmentation with implants is usually an intervention that is not covered by the health insurance.

Breast Reduction

Large, voluminous breasts can cause significant physical painful discomfort to the cervical and thoracic spine. This results in a change in the body silhouette, the shoulders and upper body are pulled forward. It creates an unnatural posture.

Surgical Technique

There are many surgical techniques that can be chosen depending on the initial findings. Externally, they usually differ only in the cut: T-cut, L-cut or I-cut. Sometimes a combination with a local liposuction is required. The aim of the surgery is to maintain the sensitivity and breastfeeding ability of the breast. The operation is usually performed inpatient, it takes about one and a half to three hours. Self-dissolving threads or drawable suture may be used.

The regular wound healing after breast reduction takes place within 14 days. After about three weeks, the professional activity can be resumed. Wearing a sports bra for six weeks to support the breast shape and relieve the scars is standard after breast surgery. We are happy to assist you in applying for a reimbursement by the health insurance.

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