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Breast Aesthetics In İstanbul

Breast Aesthetics In İstanbul

Breast aesthetics; is a surgical procedure to bring the breast tissue in women in the desired shape.

Breast problems affect the body and can affect the life of the woman functionally. Breast surgeries are divided into three main categories, according to the needs and desires of the individual. These are: breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast lift.

Is there an age limit for breast aesthetic surgery?

Breast formation in the female body; begins in adolescence and the development process lasts until the age of 18 years. This process may take longer in some women. Breast aesthetic surgery can be performed on average after 18 years. However, the operation should not be delayed if the problem present in the breasts interferes with the psychology of the person leading to breathing difficulties and diseases such as fungi.

Breast Reduction Surgery

It is an operation for women who complain about their big breasts and start to have health problems because of their big breasts. There are fewer sutures on the nipple and there are different techniques for doing so. Because of this, one of the most preferred methods of surgery is the tip of the nipple. It will ensure that after surgery, the person is able to improve their health problems and has a breast size that is best suited to their body rate. There is also the risk that the mammary glands and milk ducts will be damaged during breast reduction. This risk may vary depending on the size of the mammary gland and the technique used. For this reason, as with all surgical procedures, the skills of the physician performing the surgery and the competence of the healthcare facility in which the treatment is to be performed are very important.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

In breast augmentation surgery, patients can use their own tissue as well as breast prosthesis. The method of enlarging the ribcage with its own fat texture is not a preferred method today due to the long-term effect. There are many different methods of using breast prostheses. Some of these methods are done on the brown part of the nipple, while others are done under the breast. The used breast implants are usually coated on the outside with a silicone sheath. The shell contains oil, serum or silicone gel. One part of the breast prosthesis is inflated to produce a volume change, while the other part is produced as a constant volume. Today, the most preferred and most powerful breast prostheses are filled with silicone gel. Breast prostheses are made as drops or rings. Which of these prostheses can be used will be selected according to the wishes and intentions of the patient and according to the evaluation of the physician. The direct application of breast augmentation surgery in women with a flaccid chest can lead to undesirable results. For this reason, augmentation surgery and toning surgery should be performed together for the flaccid breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

Because of advancing age in women, breastfeeding of the breast can be seen under the influence of hormones. Continuous filling and emptying of milk ducts in women during breastfeeding can cause breast deformation. Gravity is also one of the main causes for the sagging of the breast. Women who suffer from the problem of sagging of the breast can undergo breast lift surgery. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with breast reduction and breast augmentation. With this surgery, the size of the breasts changes not only the sagging is eliminated. So you look livelier instead of looking flabby. Some techniques use local anesthesia and some techniques use general anesthesia.

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