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Breast Augmentation Cost Turkey

Breast Augmentation Cost Turkey

If you are seriously concerned with breast augmentation, then at some point, you may also be wondering about the cost of breast augmentation. However, you should be aware that breast enlargement is an investment in your health and in your body. You should be so important as a person that you do not compromise just to get the supposedly lower cost of breast augmentation.

Large fluctuations in information on costs and benefits

The cost of breast augmentation varies greatly. Often, the information is not directly comparable and also in advance of a consultation, the prices for a breast augmentation can only roughly specify.

The cost of breast augmentation depends on the surgical technique used; the implants selected, the nature of the breast and whether the ancillary costs such as anesthesia, surgery use; Frequently, these services as well as pre- and post-examinations are not included in the indicated breast augmentation costs.

Here you will find significant differences between the individual clinics. The material costs for the breast implants alone can amount to differences of several hundred euros, depending on the quality and shape used.

Quality Has İts Price

Quality has our clinic only first-class implant systems with implant passport and lifetime guarantee from leading brand manufacturers are used. This quality has its price. However, this is important to us in terms of your safety and the long-term success of your breast augmentation.

We also use gentle anesthetic procedures for anesthesia, which protect your organism and offer you the highest level of safety.

All surgeons performing breast augmentation are highly qualified specialists in aesthetic & plastic surgery and the operations take place in modern operating rooms with appropriate equipment. In addition to the consultation and surgery, the anesthesia, the surgical follow-up and follow-up examinations are part of our price for breast augmentation.

In Our Clinic You Get Complete Prices

These start depending on the operation method and execution at about 3000 EUR net plus VAT. The exact price for the breast augmentation can definitely only be determined after a consultation with an initial examination. At the end of the first consultation, you will receive the exact list of costs for your breast augmentation. If you can not pay the amount at once, we have financing partners, with whom you can arrange the financing of your breast augmentation by installment.

Remember, breast augmentation is an investment in your life and in your health. You should treat yourself to the best. For supposedly cheap, it can cost you dearly.

To give you an idea of ​​the quality of our doctors and our facility, you can book a non-binding initial consultation with us. Because no brochure can replace a personal consultation.

Call us on +90 0532 777 8939 our service team will arrange a personal consultation for your request.

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