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Breast Augmentation Implants in Turkey

Breast Augmentation Implants in Turkey

At first it was mainly Hollywood stars and other celebrities. Meanwhile, more and more women are increasing their breasts through surgery. Sometimes the procedure is indicated because of a special mental stress on the patient. Many patients fulfill the desire for full, firm, well-formed breasts, but also to meet their personal ideal of beauty. Like any other surgery, breast augmentation also carries some risks. Therefore, every woman should first carefully consider with the doctor of their confidence, if she is so dissatisfied with her bosom that this justifies the measure – after all, it is an operation on an actually healthy body part. (It should be distinguished from the breast reconstruction, for example after a cancer therapy.) It is not subject of this article.)

Consultation before a breast augmentation

A good doctor asks for such a procedure exactly for the reason for the decision of the patient. It must be clear to the woman that a surgical procedure, including general anesthesia if necessary, can always be associated with complications. These can occur even with very experienced and careful doctors. Some previous illnesses also increase the risk. Occasionally, the trigger for breast augmentation may be a relationship problem or some other psychological conflict. Then it should be discussed in more detail in advance, to what extent the surgery actually helps the woman.

Pay attention to the qualification of the doctor

Even if the advice was appealing, the patient should always question exactly what qualifications the doctor should operate on. For terms such as cosmetic surgeon, aesthetic surgeon are not protected – any resident doctor may use this name. If you are a specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery or a Specialist in Plastic Surgery, you have gained at least six years of experience in the field and passed a specialist exam.

How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost?

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