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Breast augmentation in İstanbul

Breast augmentation in İstanbul

Breast augmentation in İstanbul makes a distinction between the material used: Most women use implants made of silicone, but even breast enlargements with autologous fat are becoming increasingly popular. Meanwhile, every year more than 40,000 women in Turkey can enlarge their breasts. That is why many doctors in İstanbul specialize in breast augmentation. Here you will find out what to look for in a breast augmentation in İstanbul, which methods are available and what prices can be expected.

Cost of breast augmentation in İstanbul

The prices of a breast augmentation in İstanbul are between 4,500 euros and 7,000 eurosBefore women opt for a doctor or clinic, they should seek several offers from different providers and compare them exactly. It is important that they are identical in content and scope. Only then is an objective comparison possible. Sometimes it shows how the price differences come about, because some supposedly cheap doctors and clinics for breast augmentations in İstanbul pay for individual services separately, making the initial offer then more expensive.

A serious offer of a breast surgery in İstanbul should, in addition to the consultation and the pre-examination, of course, include the treatment and at least three appointments for follow-up. Likewise, materials such as the implants as well as the bandages and the hospital stay must be specified. In some offers, even the support bra is already included. When comparing the cost of breast augmentation in İstanbul women should pay attention to these points in order to receive a fair offer.

In addition, the reasons for price differences are manifold. In addition to the method (autologous fat or implant), the choice of the physician as well as the anatomy and expectations of the patient play an essential role. Basically, the cost of breast augmentation in İstanbul increases with the experience and qualification of the doctor and the size of the implants.

Methods of breast augmentation in İstanbul

Breast augmentation in İstanbul is possible with implants or with autologous fat. Although most women still prefer breast augmentation with implants, treatment with autologous fat is also becoming increasingly important. It should be noted that both methods address different target groups, which should be explained in the consultation by the doctor, so that the patient decides on the right method.

Breast augmentation with implants in İstanbul

For a breast augmentation in İstanbul with implants, women decide with the desire for a significantly larger breast. Mostly the bosom of A and C or B to D should be increased. This is possible because the doctor and the patient can choose between several hundred different implants, which differ in their shape, size and texture of the surface. Pillows with a volume of between 250 ml and 350 ml are usually used – however, implants with sizes between 80 ml and 600 ml are available. Another factor influencing the extent of breast augmentation is the position of the implant, either in front of or behind the chest muscle can be set. This affects the maximum size of the implant and the later shape of the breast. When breast augmentation in İstanbul with implants patients must take into account that with low probability a capsular contracture can occur.

If the patient chooses silicone for breast surgery, access must also be determined. In most cases, the incision in the lower breast crease is chosen because the scar can hardly be seen later and the doctor can quickly and easily place the implant in the desired position. If the breast is completely free of scars, the implant can be inserted through an access in the armpit. The disadvantage here is that the operation is more complicated and, in the case of an implant replacement, the lower breast crease still has to be selected. The third method is a semicircular cut under the nipple, but this can damage important nerves and glands. Therefore, the incision in the lower breast crease is the standard method for breast augmentation in İstanbul with implants.

Requirements for breast augmentation

In order for a breast augmentation in İstanbul can be performed, the patient should be at least 18 years old. Only in rare cases of severe physical or mental impairments can be considered with the consent of parents even in younger years over a breast augmentation. The reason for the minimum age is the growth of the patient. In order for the outcome of the operation to remain stable over the long term, growth must be completed. Otherwise, there is a risk that the breast will change greatly in shape or size after surgery. The same problem exists with pregnancy or breastfeeding, which is why the patient should have weaned at least six months before surgery.

In addition, the doctor must determine in the consultation and in the preliminary examination, whether the patient is psychologically suitable for breast augmentation in İstanbul. Above all, she has to be aware of the risks. It must also be clear why breast surgery is desired. Quite a few women want to enlarge their breasts for their partner or through pressure from the social environment. In these cases, breast enlargement should be discouraged.

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