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Breast augmentation in Üsküdar

Breast augmentation in Üsküdar

Breast augmentation in Üsküdar is one of the most popular operations in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery. Around 50,000 breast augmentations are performed every year in Turkey, with the majority of patients opting for implants. But even breast enlargements in Üsküdar with autologous fat is gaining in importance. Find out what to look for when choosing a doctor, what costs to expect, and what methods are available for breast surgery.

Cost of breast augmentation in Üsküdar

For the costs of breast surgery, a distinction must first be made between the methods. Breast augmentations in Üsküdar with implants range between 4,000 and 7,000 euros. Thus, breast augmentations in Üsküdar with implants are usually a bit cheaper. In any case, it is worthwhile to obtain offers from different doctors and compare them. It shows that the offers are structured differently. Especially in supposedly cheap doctors and clinics, some benefits are calculated separately, which then the cost of breast augmentation in Üsküdar then higher than in the original offer called.

In any case, an offer for a breast augmentation in Üsküdar should include at least three follow-up appointments, as well as the necessary materials, in addition to the consultation appointment, the preliminary examination and the treatment. These include not only the implants but also bandages, drainage and the bra. It should also be mentioned if an overnight stay is included in the price.

Requirements for breast augmentation

For a breast augmentation to be performed, the patient must be physically and mentally fit for the operation. Particularly important is the minimum age of 18 years. Only in rare cases doctors would also treat younger women, but then the consent of the parents would have to be present and a severe physical or emotional impairment on the part of the patient to be present. In younger patients there is a risk that the breast grows again after the operation and changes its shape or size, which would not maintain the result of breast augmentation in Üsküdar in the long term.

Mentally, the patient must be suitable for breast surgery. It is important that she is aware of the risks of breast augmentation and can accurately assess the outcome of the surgery. If the doctor determines in the consultation or in the preliminary examination that the woman does not want the treatment on her own but external pressure from the partner or the social environment, breast enlargement in Üsküdar is absolutely not recommended.

Breast augmentation with implants in Üsküdar

The breast augmentation with implants is suitable for women who want a significant increase in the breast. Depending on the implant, between 80 and 600 ml per side are possible, but the usual size is between 250 and 350 ml. Most patients would like to increase the size of A and C or B to D. These implants are ideally suited for this purpose. Another advantage of breast augmentation with implants is the numerous shapes that allow the breast to be perfectly shaped to the woman’s imagination. It may be the case that doctors decide to use a larger or smaller implant during surgery, if they have previously discussed this with the patient.

When breast augmentation with implant is also distinguished between the access. Under normal circumstances, a cut is made in the lower breast crease through which the implant is inserted. This approach has the advantage that the scar later on is scarcely visible, and that the surgeon quickly and easily approaches the area in the breast where the pocket for the implant is formed. Alternatively, a cut can be made in the armpit, which has the advantage of leaving the breast completely free of scars. However, this method is more demanding and, in the case of an implant replacement, an access would have to be placed in the lower breast crease. The third option is a semicircular cut around the areola. Here, however, there is a risk that nerves and glandular tissue are injured, also the scar is relatively well visible.

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