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Breast Augmentation Surgery Turkey

Breast Augmentation Surgery Turkey

The Preparation Of A Breast Augmentation Operation

  • From the age of 30 you should have a mammogram made before the operation.
  • Make sure that you are ideally in optimal health and rested overall condition just before surgery.
  • Do not take aspirin or similar medicines at least fourteen days before the operation because they inhibit blood clotting. If you regularly take other medications, discuss this with the doctor first.
  • Restrict the consumption of alcohol and nicotine a few days before the operation to a minimum. It is best to stop smoking altogether.
  • Allow seven to ten days off after the regeneration procedure. In the first few days after aesthetic surgery, you are physically still not fully operational.
  • Before the breast augmentation surgery, clarify all questions in detail, it is best to make a note of a questionnaire.

The Operation

Depending on how extensive the operation is, breast augmentation can be outpatient or inpatient. In any case, at dr. Evren Helvacı you enjoy the advantage of a safe care by trained and professional staff! The surgery usually lasts one to one and a half hours.

The Positioning Of The İmplants

Before the surgeon inserts the silicone implant, he prepares the implant cavity. The breast implant may lie on or under the pectoralis muscle. The decision to do so depends on the nature of the tissue and the shape and size of the breast. In the case of extremely slim patients, there is a real danger that the implant will become noticeable and palpable after the operation. Here, the implant position under the breast muscle is generally preferred. However, in this variant, a small piece must be loosened in the lower part of the large pectoral muscle, so that the implant does not move up and down when the pectoral muscle is operated.

With a good soft-tissue coat with sufficient residual volume of the breast, the placement of the breast implant over the pectoral muscle gives a very natural picture. Before the surgeon closes the wound, he inserts thin drainage tubes into the implant cavity to allow blood and wound secretions to drain after surgery. A solid bandage stabilizes the implants.

The Anesthesia

Operation under general anesthesia

Breast augmentations are usually under general anesthesia. This relieves the stress for the patient. The anesthetist decides on the anesthesia after a detailed examination. The anesthetist is present throughout the operation and controls / monitors the anesthesia.

Operation with local anesthesia

In certain cases, breast surgery may also be performed under local anesthesia. But this is only possible if the implant is placed over the pectoral muscle. In addition to the local anesthetic, the patient then gets a tranquilizer that puts her in a kind of drowsy sleep. Although she is awake and relaxed, she feels no pain except for a slight pull or similar sensations during the procedure. The soothing drug can be taken as a tablet or injected into the arm vein.

The cut

How the incisions are made on a case-by-case basis depends on the individual anatomical conditions and the aspired ideas. The surgeon performs the approximately four centimeters long skin incision either in the skin fold below the breast, at the edge of the nipple or in the armpit. Experience has shown that these scars heal very well. The placement of the implants is thus possible via three classic approaches:

  1. Transaxillary section –here the implants are inserted through a section under the arms. This cut does not leave scars on the chest, so it is beneficial for women who want a nude breast.
  2. Periareolar cut – the scar on nipple cut is very fine and barely visible around the nipple. The disadvantage of this cut could affect the ability to breastfeed.
  3. Inframammary section – here the scar hides in the breast fold. The incision is hidden by the slight sinking of the breast over the breast crease.
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