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Breast Augmentation Surgery With Silicone Turkiye

Breast Augmentation Surgery With Silicone Turkiye

What is a breast augmentation surgery with silicone? Who is suitable for this operation?

By donating milk, the breast fulfills the duty of motherhood and, as an erotic organ, plays an important role in the woman’s life.

The women who due to their physical development have too little breast tissue, after birth or weight loss, the breast tissue is reduced and therefore the breasts remain small, as well as those who have asymmetric breasts or who have a Tubularbrust due to a growth defect of the underside of the breast, or those , who want to improve their breasts after a breast cancer surgery, today wish such a surgical treatment.

However, patients must be over the age of 18 for this, and their potential cancer history must be scrutinized.

Can women who have undergone breast Augmentation surgery with silicone breastfeed? Do you suffer loss of sensation on the nipples? Can you participate in breast cancer screening tests?

Silicone implants are no obstacle to breastfeeding. In general, the implantation of silicones does not lead to loss of sensation on the nipples. Silicone implants also do not lead to breast cancer. Silicone implants are also no barrier to breast cancer screening tests (breast ultrasound, mammography, breast MR)

SWas are silicone implants, are there shape, size, tissue differences? Does the silicone have to be inserted behind or in front of the chest muscles?

Silicone implants can be designed as anatomical, ie teardrop shape, or as roundish shape. For the silicones, which are anatomical, the upper part is narrow, the lower one wider. The difficulty of using these silicones is the likelihood that they will move or rotate in the body. And this leads to later problems. In addition, these prostheses may not be suitable for women who desire a luscious top. Therefore, it is important that the patients decide on the choice of prosthetic type together with your doctor.

According to the nature of the outer skin, the silicone implants differ in smooth and rough. There are scientific reports that those with the rough shell are less likely to cause capsule formation.

After filling, the silicone implants again differ in two types: those that are filled with water and those that are filled with gel. Because generally the silicones filled with salt water are initially used empty in the body, they can be inserted under the armpit and even through the belly button. However, the silicones that have a gel filling that we use most often can only be used from the top of the breast or through the lower skin fold (Fold).

Silicone implants come in different sizes. Depending on the manufacturing company, they may vary in size, shape and height.

Silicone implants can be placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscles or under the muscle capsule. Breast tissue thickness plays the crucial role in deciding where to use the doctor. Generally, in breast augmentation surgery with silicone implants, we decide to share the size and shape of the prosthesis where the prosthesis is to be used and the point of entry of the prosthesis with the patient.

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