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Breast augmentation turkey about surgery

Breast augmentation turkey about surgery

In our society, a beautiful, well-formed breast is equated with feminine radiance. Thus, a congenital underdevelopment of one or both breasts or a marked regression after pregnancy and lactation can severely impair female self-esteem. Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed breast cosmetic surgery. She brings a woman closer to her own ideal of beauty and strengthens her physical self-confidence.

The most common reasons for breast augmentation surgery are underdeveloped, undersized, asymmetrically placed, or sagging breasts due to weight loss, increasing age or pregnancy. If necessary, we complete the procedure by a breast lift and / or areola correction.

How do you imagine your dream breast?

Hardly any surgery triggers a comparable feeling of happiness. But a breast surgery can realize the dream of the shape and size of the breast.

Breast augmentation starts with many questions and decisions that you want to make: silicone? How big should the implants be and which form and projection should they have? Should they lie in front of or behind the muscle? Does the skin have to be tightened additionally? And where should the scars be placed so that they are as invisible as possible?

To clarify all these questions, a detailed discussion before a breast augmentation is an absolute must, because no breast is the other.

Operation time:

Around 1 hour


General anesthesia or local anesthesia with twilight sleep

Length of stay:

1 night in the clinic in İstanbul

Ability to work:

after 1 week


after 6 weeks


First 1-2 days

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