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Breast Augmentation Turkey

Breast Augmentation Turkey

What Should Be Considered For A Planned Enlargement?

For many women, their feminine radiance is closely linked to a well-developed breast. By using safe breast implants, any woman today can positively change her appearance by enlarging her breast if she wants it.

The possibilities and limitations of breast augmentation

The goals of breast augmentation are a harmonious silhouette and an attractive décolleté. Modern breast implants are already formed breast-like and thus allow a natural-looking result. The material is the alpha and omega for a natural-looking chest that feels natural too.

Breast İmplants With Silicone

So far the best solution has been the new generation of silicone implants. Since the cohesive silicone gel was developed, these breast implants are leak-proof. Scientific studies have shown no association between these implants and rheumatoid, connective tissue or other diseases. The new silicone cushions are in principle indefinitely durable and anchor themselves by their roughened surface particularly well in the body’s own tissue. Implant ruptures are extremely rare. Today, the minimum life expectancy of the implants is estimated to be fifteen to seventeen years. We use only certified double-walled cohesive gel-filled implants from quality suppliers such as to give our patients the highest level of safety.

The best conditions for an aesthetic result are women whose breasts are already harmoniously shaped. The anatomical breast forms are diverse.

Combination with other measures

Breast Augmentation

At the same time, with an augmentation of the breast in addition to a skin tightening other aesthetic or cosmetic corrections are feasible, for example, a nipple correction. Even an existing size difference between the two breasts can be compensated in an augmentation.

Some women want a particularly big breast. For operational reasons, not every size is feasible, especially if the physical conditions are not met and a harmonious body image is sought. After pregnancy, the skin in the upper part of the chest can sink in and give a flabby impression. The often very young women are particularly affected by these changes. If the skin is very much pre-stretched and the upper part of the breast is empty, it should be additionally tightened during the operation, since the insert of silicone pads can not solve the problem situation alone.

Before each operation is the comprehensive education by the attending physician. It can be very helpful for you to write down a few questions beforehand. Do not hesitate to ask anything you are interested in and, if necessary, check back by phone at a later date or at another meeting. More info under Breast Augmentation surgery. On this page you will find all information about the operation itself.

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