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Breast Augmentation Used implants

Breast Augmentation Used implants

The breast implants used contain a cohesive silicone gel filling that prevents leakage. The sheath of the implant is also made of silicone, which has either a textured (rough) or a smooth surface. Silicone gel feels like natural breast tissue.

Furthermore, the implants differ in their different shapes. There are anatomical three-dimensional implants, which have a teardrop shape, as well as round implants in various profiles and projections.

Modern implants today meet the requirements of safety and reliability due to their high quality, so that they only have to be replaced if there is a tear in the sheath or other complications independent of the implant. Therefore, regular checks are important. The lifetime of implants is usually not clearly declared by the manufacturers, it can be expected with a lifetime of several years to decades. Quality manufacturers give a lifetime replacement guarantee for their implants.

According to numerous scientific studies, today there is the belief that there is no statistical correlation between autoimmune, connective tissue and rheumatic diseases, the occurrence of breast cancer or other tumors with silicone implants. Nevertheless, a regular cancer screening is necessary even after the operation.

As a routine examination mammography and sonography of the breast is the first choice. The assessability of mammography may be limited by a breast implant. In these cases, a magnetic resonance examination (MRI) should be performed.

Are there alternatives?

Breast augmentation with autologous fat (lipofilling)

Breast build-up with the body’s own tissue – by flap surgery

Fundamentals of risks and complications

Basically, most breast surgery works without complications. Each surgery is performed with the utmost care of the attending physician. Nevertheless, no doctor can guarantee absolute risk-freeness and complications can occur with every procedure.

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