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Breast Augmentation With İmplants

Breast Augmentation With İmplants

Breast Augmentation With İmplants; The enlargement of the breast by implants is still the classic in the field of aesthetic surgery. An important advantage of breast augmentation with implants is the volume to which breasts can be enlarged: While implants have different models between 80 ml and 600 ml, breasts with autologous fat can be built up “only” by a half or a maximum of one body size , In addition, the result of enlargement with autologous fat is not permanent, because the fat can be broken down within a few years. Breast augmentation with implants is also a good option for women who are already very thin and who are unable to remove the 1,000 ml of fat needed for surgery from other parts of the body.

In general, implants have been greatly improved in recent years – both in terms of safety and in terms of feel. The sheath of an implant consists of silicone elastomers and sometimes micro polyurethane foam. The roughened surface of the breast implants also reduced the risk of capsular hardening. If the implant is placed under the muscle, even with smooth-walled models, there is little risk of capsular contracture. The filling material used is silicone gel or saline.

Which method is suitable for the patient, can ultimately be decided only in consultation with the surgeon. We will gladly advise you and help you to find a suitable doctor in your area – free of charge and without obligation!

Breast Augmentation Methods: Silicone Or Saline?

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