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Breast Augmentation With Minimal Touch

Breast Augmentation With Minimal Touch

Breast Augmentation With Minimal Touch; The Minimal Touch Technique in the context of a breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon comes into contact with the open wound as little as possible. The bag for the implant is prepared exclusively with the instruments. At no time is a handle in the bag, the so-called. Loge. Find out about the benefits of Minimal Touch breast augmentation and how it affects the possibility of capsular contracture.

Advantages of Minimal Touch for breast augmentation

Even if an operating room is very sterile and hygienic, the smallest parts of compresses or other material can be put into the bag. In such cases, the risk is increased that forms a capsular contracture. It is a tissue covering that forms around and encloses foreign objects. To some extent, tissue formation is normal and without complications. In the worst case, it is possible that the tissue hardens and deforms the breast. Then a new procedure is necessary, in which the implant is replaced and the tissue cover is removed. Breast augmentation with Minimal Touch is designed to reduce this risk.

This is how Minimal Touch works for breast augmentation

First, a local anesthesia is introduced in the area of ​​the incision line. Subsequently, the cut is made in the place previously discussed with the patient, through which the implant is inserted into the breast. In a minimal augmentation breast augmentation procedure, the instrument is fully engaged with instruments, the surgeon does not use either the hand or individual fingers to, for example, lift the muscle and place the implant underneath. Also, the implant is not touched directly. This ensures that pathogens and the smallest residues of material do not get into the bag. After the implant is inserted into the breast, the skin is sutured and the wound is closed.

Minimal Touch for breast augmentation gives the surgeon as little contact as possible with the bag and the implant. As a result, significantly fewer capsule fibrosis occur. The risk of infection is also significantly reduced.

3D Simulation of Breast Augmentation

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