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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery for breasts that are too small

Information about breast augmentations in the dr.evrenhelvacı.

Dr. Helvacı: “The surgical technique and the implants are safe, we can fulfill almost all desires, and of course pay a major role.”

Entrances made at the Our clinic: over 6,000

Women with very few breasts who do not feel like a woman. They have with their boyish figure, but also have their own doubts and develop a small inferiority complex.

Breast augmentation with high-end silicone implants to create a voice, silhouette and new self-esteem.

A breast augmentation (augmentation plastic) with implants is intended for women at height whose breasts are sparsely or not developed at all. Even women who have disguised themselves unfavorably by heavy weight loss or by pregnancy and lactation, can expect further enlargement. Breast augmentation with an implant is also possible if pubertal injury has left one or more of the bones in growth or deformed.

When choosing the size of the breast implants, the person in the Our clinic is very common, and the body profile data of the patient are also not known.

Women who have very long under their flat bosom have a beautiful, unreal magnification. These women, a good breast surgeon, will be able to break off, to become a bosom wonder overnight! This not only works unnaturally, but is also much more complicated than an oral breast augmentation due to the large prostheses. A breast augmentation with implants with a volume of 250 to 350 ml (BH granule size B to C) is quite feasible. Of course it makes it possible to fulfill the motto.

This is how it is done:

The implant can be placed over the axis, over the nipple, or through a small incision in the breast fold. For a breast augmentation, only small incisions of about six centimeters are necessary. Prof. Yang’s medical team is committed to supporting the breast fold. So the cuts are later visible larger.

About 4 cm long incision, the implant can be optimally placed between the breast muscle and glandular tissue. For very thin and flabby skin and little mammary gland tissue, we place the implant under the pectoral muscle.

Depending on the anatomy of the patient, we place the implants between the pectoral muscles and the glandular tissue or under the pectoralis muscle.

Only an experienced surgeon can decide if he is under or better. We have experience with 6000 breast surgeries to make the optimal and correct decision regarding surgical technique, shape and size of the implant.

Then the wounds are carefully supported by an elastic bandage. A suction drainage ensures that wound secretions can drain. After the operation, you can stay in the Our clinic for three to four days.

The procedure takes about 1 hour and is technically easy to carry out. If a good scar healing and an intensive aftercare is carried out, the scars are later larger.

To avoid possible complications, we can also use the device in an antiseptic solution. A suction drainage line exfoliates. The Wise is carefully crafted and supported by an elastic bandage. One day after the operation, we remove the drainage; Anti-inflammatory and decongestant drugs are given for 8 days. Etch one week after breast surgery, the patient is immediately and privately “operational” again. From the 4th postoperative day should be a special for a while

get adapted sports bra.

Important to know: You can of course keep silent at the company Helvacı and his team.

The implants we use are standard.

What are the complications of breast augmentation?

Of course, as with all surgeries, bruising, rebleeding or infection may occur after breast surgery. When breast augmentation is added as a special feature that foreign material is introduced into the body. Regardless of which implant you choose, a complication of capsular contracture can occur. Around each implanted foreign body, the body forms a capsule, which, however, is usually thin and supple. Thickening and hardening of the connective tissue around the implant can lead to foreign body sensation, pain and unsightly breast deformations and the removal of the implant may be necessary.

Since foreign material is introduced into the body during breast augmentation, the risk of infection is also slightly increased. If an infection occurs, the implant must be removed. After about half a year, a renewed enlargement operation can be ventured. Luckily, infections are very rare in good surgeons. Likewise, we have a very low scar and fibrosis risk (below 2%) at our clinic.

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