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Breast Implants In Our Turkey Clinic

Breast Implants In Our Turkey Clinic

Our Breast Implants

What kind of implants are there and what should be considered when choosing an implant?

Our private clinic uses only the highest quality implants from leading manufacturers. Suppliers offer a wide range of implants of different sizes, shapes and finishes. What does it matter?

Non-Binding İnitial Consultation

The experts of our clinic answer in detail all questions on the subject. Nevertheless, no booklet can replace the personal detailed consultation with the qualified specialist in Aesthetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. It’s best to arrange your personal consultation or visit one of our information evenings.

The Anatomy Of The Female Breast

Based on years of research and development, the leading manufacturers provide the doctor with a comprehensive breast implant program.

All implants are of first-class, most innovative and outstanding product quality. High Quality provide exactly the implants that meet your high expectations and wishes.

The Implant Forms

Different forms of Implant

Nature offers a huge wealth of different breast forms. Our suppliers provide you with round or anatomical implant shapes in many sizes and profiles, to match your physique and your own personal ideas. Variable projection – low, moderate and full, which can accommodate the patient’s desire for small, moderate or large projection.

Round shape 85% filled

Round shape 100% filled

Anatomical shape

Implant Surfaces

For breast implants, you can choose between a smooth or textured surface. The silicone cases have a special protective layer that effectively prevents the escape of silicone molecules. Foreign body reactions (so-called capsular contractures) arise as a function of the surface of a foreign body in the body. So also when introducing implants. Extensive studies have shown that textured implants cause significantly less capsular contraction.

The Implant Material – Silicone

Silicone is a man-made polymer of silicon, oxygen and carbon. Depending on the structure, silicones can be liquid, gel-like or solid. Breast implants are made of silicone elastomer and pure silicone gel.

The Lifetime Premium Warranty

Evren Helvacı’ breast implant manufacturers offer all patients a lifetime product replacement guarantee. All clients receive an implant passport.

The premium patient guarantee registers patients free of charge and automatically and offers innovative and comprehensive services.

  • Free and automatic
  • Lifetime warranty against cracking of material defect or severe capsular contracture
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