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Breast Lift / Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast Lift / Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast surgery for breasts that are too big

Information about breast lifts and breast reduction in the dr.evrenhelvaci.

A rewarding procedure.

Dr. Helvacı : “Women with too big or flabby breasts are happy and thankful after such an intervention. It creates a new attitude to life. ”

Performed interventions at the our clinic: over 4.000

If one woman suffers from her boyish figure, even a very big breast can be a burden – both physically and mentally. For example, back pain, poor posture or shame are not uncommon.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding also stress the bosom and often leave traces: the breast loses its shape and firmness.

But even a heavy weight reduction or simply gravity, which is especially a big bosom exposed over the years, can lead to the dreaded sagging. Not only does this look unattractive, it also puts a lot of strain on the women involved. Using a breast lift / breast reduction, the cosmetic surgeons will give you back your beautiful breast and you can enjoy your femininity again carefree.

In the case of an overly large breast, plastic surgeons recommend breast reduction not only from an aesthetic point of view, but above all for health reasons. The fact that the new breast should also look beautiful and fit the patient, is a matter of course in the our clinic. In a detailed consultation all questions are answered and potential risks explained.

Breast Reduction / Breast Lifting – Here’s how it works:

The goal of the breast lift or breast reduction is to remove the excess, sagging skin, bring the nipples in a higher position and thus give the breasts a more aesthetic look. There are several surgical techniques available for breast lift / reduction. Many surgeons prefer the procedure of having one incision made around the areola, another vertical incision from the lower areola through the lower half of the breast, and finally a sweeping incision in the skin fold over below the breast. Excess skin is removed and the nipple is moved upwards. Some surgeons do without the incision in the skin fold under certain conditions, leaving less scars. This method is also carried out by the doctors at the our clinic. A cut around the nipple is necessary as it has to be moved upwards, as well as a longitudinal section below the nipple. In the case of breast lift, the art is that hardly any scars are visible afterwards.

After the operation, a 5-day hospital stay is necessary. If the scars heal well and intensive follow-up care is given (rubbing with panthenol ointment for 3 weeks and then using silicone ointment or silicone patch for another 2 months), the scars can heal very well. If small scars are left behind, especially in the area of ​​the nipples, it is possible to tattoo them through a professional beautician so that they are almost invisible. From the 2nd day after the operation, a specially adapted sports bra is to be worn for 4 weeks. In normal healing, the patient is fit for work and social life after eight days.

What complications are possible with a breast lift?

As with all surgeries, bruising, rebleeding or infection may occur after breast lift. Feelings in the nipple or parts of the breast tend to normalize within weeks to months.

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