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Breast Lift Surgery Clinic in Istanbul

Breast Lift Surgery Clinic in Istanbul

Breast Lift: Trust As A Good Foundation!

With a breast lift, the patient must trust the specialist without any restrictions. In a first consultation, the patient gets to know the doctor and can convince himself of his professional competence. In Turkey, in Istanbul, Doctor Evren Helvacı has a great luxury clinic and she is one of the best doctors in Marmara region.

Breast lift: extensive consultation and planning of the operation

The actual breast lift is preceded by at least two detailed counseling sessions. The specialist gives his patient enough security to get through the day of the operation well and to recognize the importance of follow-up care. Picture demonstrations give the patient clarity and the specialist makes it his task to show the advantages and disadvantages of the individual surgical methods in detail. It always depends on the nature of the breasts and the wishes of the patient, whether the periareolar tightening alone is sufficient or a T-cut takes place.

If the woman is satisfied with the volume of her breast, then a tightening without implants could also be considered. The specialist will measure the patient and support her in his decision with all his expertise. The estimate will not be made until there is an accurate plan for the operation. The health insurance companies do not declare themselves in most cases ready for a reimbursement. With affordable financing models, the desire for a more aesthetic breast can still be fulfilled.

Fearless in the operating room – the breast lift!

The inpatient admission begins with the breast lift on the day of the operation. Here the specialist takes a lot of time for his patient again. He records and briefly discusses the operation again. With the certainty that all questions have been clarified, the procedure begins. Thus, the well-being of the guest can be controlled competently and regularly, and in the evening visit the specialist himself looks after his patient. The anesthetist and the anesthetist are specially trained. In all areas, the safety of the patient has the highest priority. If pain occurs, good pain therapies effectively enhance the feel-good factor and, as a rule, the patient allowed to end her stay in the clinic after just one night.

Aftercare: The weeks after surgery

In the first month after surgery, the specialist usually performs three follow-up examinations. The first two appointments take place in the first two weeks after the breast lift. After an examination after a further six months, the appointments take place annually; whereby the specialist is gladly available for a long-term care of his patients. The patient herself also contributes to follow-up through targeted behavior. In the first week after the procedure the patient has to spare herself.

The specialist provides her with a special bra, which contributes to the consolidation of the tissue in the first two months. The shower is carefully allowed again after five days. Lighter sports are possible after four weeks and after eight weeks the patient should be able to practice her usual sports program again. The specialist gives the patient a leaflet with detailed information about the behavior during the first weeks and months after the operation.

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