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Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

surgical techniques

There are several methods of breast lift. Most often, the reformation of the sagging tissue is combined with a shift of the nipple upwards and possibly a reduction of the nipple. If you also receive an implant, it will be placed in a pocket on or below the chest muscles without further incision.

Depending on the extent of breast tenderness, different techniques are used. These make themselves felt for you especially in the different sections. They either go

  • only circular around the nipple,
  • around the nipple and vertically down,
  • around the nipple, vertically down and to the side
  • or, if the breasts are particularly relaxed,
  • around the nipple and vice versa T-shaped.

Operational Flow

Before the procedure, the intended skin incisions and the new position of the nipples are usually drawn while sitting or standing on the skin. After disinfecting the operating area and the sterile cover, the necessary skin incisions (incisions) are made. Thereafter, the skin and the tissue are removed at the intended locations and the new breast is reshaped, including nipples.

The sutures usually run around the nipples, underneath perpendicular to the lower breast crease. For larger or more relaxed breasts, it is necessary to apply a horizontal suture in the lower breast crease, resulting in an inverted L- or T-shaped scar. At the end of the surgery, a bandage or bra is applied to relieve postoperative swelling. Small drains allow drainage of wound fluid during the first time after surgery. The technical details of the different operations will gladly explain to you your surgeon.

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