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Breast Lift Tips, The Aftercare With Breast Lift

Breast Lift Tips, The Aftercare With Breast Lift

In the first days after surgery, cooling measures help to limit the swelling, as your breasts will be sensitive during this time. Mild pain in the wound area is normal. Pain relievers are prescribed for postoperative pain. In order to avoid pain as much as possible, we have developed a special concept for pain elimination in our clinic.

In case of sudden pain, bleeding or emotional disorders, please contact your surgeon immediately. Also with all other ambiguities please contact your doctor immediately.

At regular intervals the healing is controlled. The drains are removed within the first days after surgery and the dermal threads are pulled in the first three weeks.

After a few days, the bandages can be removed. They support the outcome and healing of wearing a close-fitting, supportive bra for the first three to six weeks after surgery.

Don’t Afraid

The scars will appear hard and reddish for a few months. After that, they gradually become paler and less noticeable. The scar regression can be supported by suitable creams. To avoid pigmentation, do not expose the scars to the sun for at least six months.

Most of the bruising and swelling will go on within the first two weeks. In some patients, the swelling may take longer, a slight swelling tendency may persist for some months, especially in warm weather.

In the first four weeks, you should not make an effort. Please do not lift heavy objects during this time or stretch your arms above shoulder level, as otherwise a strong pull is exerted on the skin sutures and the wound healing is impaired. From when you can work or resume your other usual activities, it is best to consult with your surgeon.

Her breasts will initially be pressure sensitive. This is usually over at the latest three to four weeks after the operation.

Once the wound drainages are removed, you can take a shower; However, you should refrain from using warm full baths around the breasts for several weeks. The best skincare you should discuss with the doctor. It may be useful to use effective ointments or creams for puffiness or bruising.

After a few days, you can get a first impression of the new shape of your breasts. The final result will come after three to six months. Your doctor will try to minimize the inconspicuous scars, but they are not completely avoidable. In some cases, a post-correction will improve the result even further.

The breast lift leads to a significant change in your appearance and your body feeling. After breast lift, most women are very happy with the outcome of their surgery and enjoy their new look. The patients report a higher level of activity and increased zest for life. Should a re-intervention make sense through weight or age changes, this is usually possible. Please arrange regular check-ups with your esthetic-plastic surgeon so that the long-term result can be observed.

Look forward to it!

With the right indication and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with the results achieved. The improvement of the external appearance often means the beginning of a “new life”. They have a higher complacency and self-esteem.

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