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Breast Lift Turkey

Breast Lift Turkey

What should be considered for a planned breast lift?

In the female breast, the shape counts more than the volume. Thus, a full and firm breast can be achieved by a breast lift, without thereby reducing the breast volume. The insertion of implants can thus be dispensed with in appropriate cases.

The possibilities and limitations of a breast lift

Breast Lift – Anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of the breast – often seeks many ways to conceal this

Breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure for lifting and reshaping sagging drooping breasts. Deep nipples are also brought into a higher, youthful position. In small breasts, for example, loss of volume due to pregnancy, is often desired at the same time an enlargement of the breast. This can be achieved with breast implants that can be inserted in surgery along with the breast lift.

The surgery can improve the shape, firmness and size of the breast and compensate for even greater inequalities (asymmetries).

Breastfeeding is usually not restricted by the breast lift. When planning such an intervention, however, it must be borne in mind that a further pregnancy can again lead to a relaxation of the breasts.

Tight breasts can enhance the look and strengthen self-esteem. However, for the success of breast lift surgery, it is important that you become aware of how to imagine the optimal outcome for your figure. You can use photos to demonstrate to the surgeon your personal wishful thinking.

There are usually very personal reasons that speak in favor of firming. Your own well-being should be in the foreground when deciding. More satisfaction with the appearance can have a direct and indirect positive effect on both the private and the professional life.

Discuss in all openness with your specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery your expectations on the operation, your wishes and ideas. After the examination, your doctor will explain the appropriate surgical procedures to you according to the circumstances (skin condition, shape and size of the breast) and your wishes. He will discuss with you which result is possible, where the later scars will be and how far your wish can be realized.

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