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Breast Reduction in Turkey by Evren Helvacı

Breast Reduction in Turkey by Evren Helvacı

The breast is both for the maternity of the woman with her milk-giving function and for the sensual image of the woman as the perfecting organ. It starts with the puberty to grow. Sometimes it becomes fuller and plumper with weight gain, genetic addiction or pregnancy. And if there is the added attraction, then it is inevitable that some breasts hang down. Be it the difficulty in choosing dresses that complicate the woman’s social life, or the welts left by a bra on the woman’s shoulders, soreness, and bad smells in the breasts during hot summer months arising, be it the effects of a painful neck or back – that makes life difficult for a woman in everyday life.

Breasts, which normally would weigh between 350 and 500 g, show their descent, structure and age, and their shapes and sizes are very different. However, on average, the distance between the brown round tissues (wart – nipple and areola) to the collarbone is 19 to 21 cm. Configured this is exactly the place where the wart (nipple-areola) must be below the breast where it comes in contact with the body. If no tissue or less than 350 gr is taken in this operation, then it is called breast lift; if we remove more tissue, it is called breast reduction.

Depending on the size and position of the patient, the patient must decide on the technique to be used, the advantages and disadvantages must be explained.

Breast Reduction: Consultation, surgery, follow-up

An oversized breast disturbs the harmony of the overall aesthetics. At the same time, women are struggling with discomfort caused by breasts that are too big. Breast reduction is usually the last resort.

Breast reduction – consultation is mandatory

The experienced specialists of good clinics for breast reduction attach great importance to an extensive consultation before surgery. By knowing the personal medical history of the woman and the detailed examinations, many risks can be ruled out in advance. The doctor presents the patient with all surgical options that may be considered and explains in detail the benefits and risks. He works with image demonstrations and photo documentations, so that the woman gets precise impressions about the course of the surgery and the results.

The individual wishes of the woman always have the highest priority. Physician and patient together create a surgical plan in which every single step is documented. Every cut and every change in the breast tissue is carefully thought out and planned. A breast reduction consultation takes about an hour. Before the surgery, the specialist plans two consultations so that the woman has enough time to rethink and consolidate her decisions. Through the developed operation plan, the specialist is able to create a very accurate cost estimate.

Breast reduction – patients become guests

Equipped with sufficient safety, the woman visits the clinic on the day of the operation and the inpatient stay begins. Already at the reception, a particularly friendly atmosphere is noticeable and the woman feels fast as a guest and safe. The specialist takes time to personally greet the patient. He briefly discusses the course of the operation with the woman again and records. A specially trained anesthesia team accompanies the breast reduction, which takes about two to three hours, depending on the extent. The further inpatient stay usually a few hours later you are free to go if you feel good or includes one day. Meanwhile, the experienced and trained clinic team takes care of the patient’s safety and well-being around the clock. During the evening visit, the specialist will convince himself of the well-being of his guest.

No surgery without comprehensive aftercare

In the scar-poor Lejour technique, the doctor dispenses with the incision in the lower breast crease. But this technique is not applicable to every patient. With a very bulky breast, inverted T-cut is often the best solution for achieving an ideal aesthetic result. In these cases, the experienced specialist likes to combine breast reduction with liposuction to reduce the incision. Good aftercare is indispensable for every method. The specialist informs the woman about changes in lifestyle that promote the healing process and minimize risks. The first results are noticeable after about four weeks. The final result is visible after about half a year. During this time, the specialist feels responsible for the outpatient care for the woman and generally supports a long patient commitment.

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