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Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast reduction mostly for reasons of discomfort and limitations

Some women are so lavishly endowed with nature that the size and weight of their breasts limit their movement or exercise. In addition to the health impairments often suffers from the body sensation. Breast reduction can not only relieve discomfort, but also improve the appearance and strengthen the self-esteem.

The possibilities and limitations of breast reduction

Mammary reduction plastic is a method to reduce breasts. For example, in hanging boards. Depending on the initial size, you may want to have a smaller breast volume that you want. Very often, in addition to the pure breast reduction plastic, a breast lift and thus a shift of the nipples to a new position upwards are needed. In addition, stronger inequalities between the two breasts (asymmetries) can be remedied during the procedure. The ability to breastfeed is, depending on the technique used, in some cases limited by the breast OP. This should be taken into account when planning an operation.

Breast reduction can improve appearance, increase self-esteem and relieve the symptoms of breast size. In order to plan the success of the procedure, you should have a clear idea of ​​how you can imagine the optimal result. You can use photos to demonstrate to the surgeon your personal wishful thinking. There are usually very individual reasons that speak for a breast reduction. The personal well-being should be in the foreground in the decision. More satisfaction with one’s own appearance can have a direct and indirect positive effect on both the private and the professional life.

Discuss in all openness with your specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery your expectations on the surgery; your wishes and ideas. After the examination, your doctor will explain the appropriate surgical procedures to you according to the conditions (skin condition, shape and size of the breasts) and will show you results with 3d vectra. She will discuss with you what kind of result is realistic, where the later scars will be and how far your wishes will be realized. If you want to learn The Risks Of Breast Reduction please go other content.

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