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Cost Coverage For Breast Augmentation

Cost Coverage For Breast Augmentation

Cost Coverage For Breast Augmentation; Breast augmentation to agree with health insurances of the cost of a treatment, the medical necessity must be given. However, as most of the treatment is an aesthetic procedure, applications for the cost of breast augmentation are usually denied. The situation is different if there is a medical indication, for example a reconstruction of the breast as a result of a cancer or after an accident. In such cases, even statutory health insurance companies take the full cost of breast surgery. Patients should apply for reimbursement to their health insurance provider before breast surgery to be sure that the treatment will be paid. In principle, it is also possible to claim the costs of the insurance after a successful mammary augmentation. But then it may be that the health insurance company refused to pay and it amounts to a legal dispute.

What do patients look for when choosing a doctor?

When choosing a doctor for breast augmentation, in addition to the cost, especially the experience of the doctor plays an important role. In a survey (source: out of 503 women, 63 percent of respondents said that the experience of the doctor is the most important criterion if the interviewee or a friend would consider a breast surgery. Only for 12 percent of the respondents did the price play a decisive role. 16 percent laid particular emphasis on the type of implants, while 8 percent pay attention to the reputation of the clinic.

The experience should play an important role in the decision for or against a doctor. It may be helpful to read reviews and reviews on portals that specialize in medical procedures such as breast augmentation. We will gladly help you if you have questions about a particular doctor or clinic. Doctor Evren Helvacı plastic surgeons and clinics will be the best choice in Turkey.

Because important in the decision is the personal relationship between doctor and patient. Breast surgery should only be performed if the patient feels comfortable with the doctor and feels that she is in good hands. Basically, breast augmentation is an important surgical procedure that can be associated with potential complications. Therefore, the trust in the doctor should be great and the patient should feel that they are making the right decision.

Requirements For Breast Augmentation

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