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Cutting Techniques For Breast Augmentation

Cutting Techniques For Breast Augmentation

Cutting Techniques For Breast Augmentation; In a breast augmentation, there are essentially three incisions, which have different advantages and disadvantages, but are basically barely visible when well executed:

  • Cut in the armpit
  • Cut into the breast fold
  • Cut into the areola

In addition to the wishes of the patient, other factors play a role, if the incision is to be chosen:

  • Should the implant be placed under or over the muscle?
  • Is tightening done with breast augmentation?
  • Does the surgeon have special preferences?

In any case, the question of the cutting technique in the preliminary examination is discussed in detail between the doctor and the patient. The surgeon must explain all methods and explain the respective advantages and disadvantages. At this point, a patient can clearly see how much the doctor responds to her wishes and whether he convinces them professionally. A cavity is created over the incision into which the implant is inserted – depending on the position of the implant, the cavity is made behind the breast tissue or between the breast muscle and ribs.

Cut in the breast fold

The most common cut is the cut in the breast fold. Especially with larger implants, the scar is then very well under the breast and barely visible. An advantage of this method is the easy placement of the implant under the large pectoral muscle. However, there may be irritation in the first few weeks after the operation, as the underwire of the bra rubs against the fresh scar.

Cut in the armpit

The biggest benefit of cutting into the armpit is the complete outer integrity of the breast – there are no visible scars. Depending on the circumstances of the patient’s condition, the scar in the armpit may also be disadvantageous, for example, in models or athletes who do not want to see a scar on arm and shoulder-free clothing. In addition, the placement of the implant through the armpit under the pectoral muscle is associated with more complications. Thus, the implant can sit too high if muscle fibers in the underarm area, which begin in the lower part of the sternum, are not properly released. Here it can often come to after-treatment.

Cut into the nipple vestibule

A rare method for inserting implants is a cut into the edge of the nipple vestibule. Patients are usually afraid that the scar is visible or emotional disorders occur.

Risks And Problems With Breast Augmentation

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