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Facelift for Man In Turkey

Facelift for Man In Turkey

Facelift – setting natural limits to age

Many people are in the midst of life when the skin aging process begins. It is the attractiveness that decides at first sight. The facelift emphasizes the young look.

Comprehensive advice on the professional facelift

The older a man gets, the more skin and muscles lose their elasticity. The collagen production diminishes and the appearance of the skin gradually becomes duller. Nicotine, sun, your own facial expressions and weight reduction additionally promote the aging process. Each operation is preceded by a comprehensive consultation. The facelift is a decision for a long period of life and the timing must be well chosen. The doctor deals with the past medical history of his patient and deals with the individual wishes of the guest. He examines the condition of the facial skin and the lower tissue and defines the causes for the personal skin aging. The patient receives detailed information about the different techniques, the advantages and disadvantages as well as the risks. After that, both of them work together to create a detailed operation plan, in which different possibilities can be combined. Each intervention is preceded by two consultations. Men use the intervening days for a reflection period to confirm their decision with sufficient certainty.

Facelift: a well-planned surgery day

The inpatient stay in the clinic begins on the day of the operation. In the friendly ambience of the house, men quickly feel like guests. The patient occupies a two- or one-bedroom room and always has qualified staff at his side. The Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery discusses the patient with the patient for a short time and records. The operation time can take up to four hours, depending on the extent of the procedure. The SMAS method is the classic facelift. In doing so, the specialist dissolves the facial skin from the tissue in order to reshape the underlying layer of fat, connective tissue and muscles. The MACS technique is very scars poor, but is only suitable for small tightening. The S-Lift, also called Minilift, just means a small cheek lift, which also uses the SMAS technology. In many techniques, a local anesthetic in the twilight sleep method is sufficient. The specialist has an experienced and specially trained anesthesia team at every operation. The safety of the patient is guaranteed at all times.


Fast recovery after the facelift

After the operation, the specialized hospital staff regularly checks the condition of the patient. In the evening visit, the specialist personally convinces himself of the well-being of his guest and, as a rule, the man may leave the clinic after an overnight stay. In the classic facelift, the patient is ready to participate in everyday life after about two to three weeks. Time is reduced to seven to ten days with the less expensive mini-lift. In addition to healing-promoting measures and accompanying medicines, the clinic also offers treatment with the wound healing laser to accelerate the regeneration period. First results will be visible after two to four weeks. Specialists always regard surgery as the last solution. Younger men may find valuable alternatives in the field of state-of-the-art laser treatments and Thermage treatments.

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