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Facelift for Women in Turkey

Facelift for Women in Turkey

Facelift: consultation, surgery and aftercare

It is important for the modern woman to preserve her beauty. A facelift promotes the aesthetic appearance and emphasizes sympathy and personal abilities. Who looks good, has greater chances of success.

Facelift: indications and advice

In our society, the attractiveness plays a major role. But already at the age of 35, facial skin loses elasticity in many women. Stress, sunbathing, smoking, but also an extensive weight reduction accelerate the aging process of the skin. Through advanced facelift techniques, the patient returns to her natural youthfulness. In two counseling sessions, the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery paints a picture of the wishes of the woman and introduces her to all the methods for a conceivable operation. He explains the patient about modern alternatives of skin tightening without surgery and suggests solutions that have the desired effect on the one hand and on the other hand ensure the safety of the patient. The specialist deals specifically with the advantages and disadvantages of every possible technique. Both plan the procedure together down to the last detail and the doctor prepares a precise cost estimate. The time after the first consultation uses the patient as a reflection period. At the second appointment, the operating doctor will conduct the operation.

Surgery techniques at the facelift

The short inpatient stay begins for the patient with the day of the operation. Specialists and the entire clinic team attach great importance to providing comprehensive care that focuses on the well-being and safety of women. The clinic offers women a number of advanced and recognized methods for the facelift, whose successes have been proven and proven. The result of professional work are hardly noticeable scars and a naturally younger look. In the classic SMAS technique, the doctor models the tissue under the skin. The skin stretch is low and the tightening looks natural. The Midfacelift includes the tightening of the upper cheek area and smaller tautening involving the tissue layer is possible with the mini or S-lift. The neck lift is often combined with the classic procedure. As anesthesia, the local anesthetic is used in the twilight sleep process. This form of anesthesia is also used on forehead and temples as well as full facelift. The specially trained team of medical specialists and employees is able to plan several methods in a single operation.

Aftercare – quickly back to everyday life

Most women is allowed to leave the clinic after an overnight stay. The Minilift requires a break from everyday life of seven to ten days. All other treatments provide for a close season of about two weeks. The clinic accompanies the patient during these days with cooling, lymphatic drainage and homeopathic medicines to promote the healing process. After one month at the latest, first positive impressions emerge and the unrestricted result can be seen after three to six months.

Facelift for Women in Turkey

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