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Gynecomastia Breast Reduction In Men in Turkey

Gynecomastia Breast Reduction In Men in Turkey

Operative treatment of gynecomastia

Breast reduction in men is performed for an aesthetically pleasing flat male breast. Enlarged, female-looking breasts in men can lead to great mental stress. This phenomenon, known as gynecomastia, is not a disease, but the result of a disorder that can have many causes.

The medicine differentiates thereby the real gynecomastia with palpable mammary gland in consequence of hormonal disturbances from the “wrong” in form of fat deposits with weight increase. Surgical breast reduction in men can help in both cases.

A gynaecomastia is naturally embarrassing for any man and contradicts the male ideal of beauty. The idea of ​​a breast reduction in men occurs. In mild cases, a diet and exercise help in the absence of alcohol; the gynecomastia of pubescent boys disappears after completion of the hormone change mostly by itself, but unfortunately not always. Often it is often only the transition to a plastic-aesthetic surgeon who has experience with breast reduction in men.

Breast Reduction In Men

You do not have to be ashamed if you come to our practice with your gynecomastia problem and inquire about breast reduction in men. Before breast reduction in men, the doctor will first get a picture of the type of gynecomastia you have. It may be necessary to take a blood sample to rule out possible causes of gynecomastia such as glandular disease or tumors. Then, together with you, we will discuss; which method of operation is the most meaningful and the most promising method for correcting your gynecomastia in your case. You will also be comprehensively informed about possible risks, complications and follow-up.

Gynecomastia occurs

Gynecomastia usually occurs centrally under the nipple. In mild cases, in a breast reduction in men, simple liposuction in drowsing sleep or general anesthesia can achieve the desired effect. If additional operative removal of the mammary gland is required;  the surgeon will make a small incision directly at the transition from the lower areola to the surrounding skin and remove the excess mammary gland tissue of gynecomastia. In order for the excess skin to shrink more evenly; additional suction may be necessary. If the gynecomastia is particularly pronounced, makes an additional skin tightening in the context of breast reduction in men sense.

A comprehensive breast reduction in men for the purpose of correcting gynecomastia is done in our home in local anesthesia with sedative or on request in general anesthesia. An inpatient stay is not mandatory. Until about 6 weeks after the procedure you should wear a special girdle provided by us. You are able to work after one week at the latest; but heavy physical activities or sports exercises are recommended after breast reduction in men not before the expiry of 4 to 6 weeks. As a rule, hardly any visible scars remain after breast reduction in men, and gynecomastia does not return in the majority of cases. However, in order to avoid unsightly pigmentation, you should expose your breasts uncovered sun rays for up to half a year.

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