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Gynecomastia Treatment By Liposuction in Turkey

Gynecomastia Treatment By Liposuction in Turkey

If it comes in the course of life to an unsightly increase in fat in the breast, this can be treated with liposuction.

At some point, many men face the problem that the pectoral muscle becomes smaller and the fatty tissue in the breast increases. This results in an unsightly breast shape that can not be improved by training or dieting. The causes for this are many: lack of exercise, hormonal changes, maladministration or the combination of these causes.

Reasons For Gynecomastia Treatment

As a rule, gynecomastia is an increase in fat accumulation in the chest area. As a result, the appearance of the male breast is partially equal to the female breast. The reasons for gynecomastia treatment can be different. If in addition to the fatty tissue and the glandular tissue has increased, it is a medical indication. In this type of gynecomastia and the pure liposuction would be the wrong therapy. The reasons for a reduction of the “fat breast” are purely aesthetic and must therefore be worn by the patient himself.


In purely aesthetic gynecomastia treatment, the fatty tissue of the breast is sucked off. As a result, the tissue is brought back into the old form. the chest becomes tighter and firmer, the pectoral muscle becomes visible again after appropriate training. In some cases, it is also useful to reduce the size of the areola. This decision should be made individually.

The Operation

The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia with twilight sleep. This minimizes the risks of an intervention, but optimizes the result. Through the twilight sleep, the patient can tense the chest muscles and subtleties can be worked out better in the suction. Although the operation is not performed under general anesthesia, there is little pain and the procedure is generally not considered uncomfortable. After the liposuction you will receive a specially adapted bodice from us. This should be worn 6 weeks after surgery.


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