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Gynecomasty Surgery Turkey Clinic

Gynecomasty Surgery Turkey Clinic

What Is Gynecomasty?

It’s a kind of breast growth like women’s. In most cases, it is particularly caused by the increase in the small breast tissue under the nipple, or by the increase in fat in the breast or both at the same time. While the side effects of some medicines cause gynecomastia;  it is sometimes hormonal disorders or breast tissue growth that results in weight gain; It can disturb the aesthetic appearance of a man, complicate his social life and his choice of clothes and also lead to psychological disorders.

How do you choose gynecomastics for surgical treatment?

In a person’s life there are three periods in which the growth of the breasts is considered normal.

The first period: is that of a neonatal period, when the female hormones in the womb pass to the child, but this returns to normal within a certain period of time.

The second period: is puberty, during which, as a result of hormonal fluctuations, the adult’s breasts grow larger.

The third period: is the period of age in which the breasts grow, due to the decrease in male hormonal levels. It is a very characteristic process. If the reason for breast tissue growth is an increase in glandular tissue, it is a type of gland; if the fatty tissue has increased; one type of fat (obese); when both are together, it is called a combined type of gynecomastia. And then the treatment plan is designed according to these characteristics. Depending on the size of the breast, excess skin may also be present.

How is gynecomastia surgery performed? What type of surgery is suitable for you?

This decision must be made, as in almost all esthetic surgery operations, also in gynecomastia, according to the treatment plan decided upon by the patient and the doctor. Surgical treatment will depend on the size of the patient’s breast tissue; upon determining if the majority of the fat or glandular tissue is present; if there will be excess skin and it needs to be removed, and finally if there is asymmetry between the breasts , scheduled.

Vaser Liposuktion

The surgical procedure is divided into three main groups. The first and the most used method is in cases where the fat component predominates, liposuction; in which the fat is sucked off with vacuum. Especially today, the VASER Liposuktion method is used not only on the breasts, but on most parts of the body for shaping them. Not only does this result in better results; but also in cases where the glandular components are involved, the breast tissue is shaped by a, albeit minimal, impact. With this method, the fatty tissue under the breasts can be removed by one or two small penetration points on both breasts.

The treatment lasts one to two hours depending on the size of the breast tissue and is usually performed under general anesthesia. After the treatment, a corset is put on them, so that the breast skin is easier to put on the pedestal and take shape. Therefore, it is recommended to wear them for two to four weeks.

The second method is tissue removal in the chest. Mostly this method is used when the glandular tissue around the nipple is very hard and wide. In this case, an incision in the form of a crescent part of the breast tissue is removed. Afterwards, the incision is usually sewn with aesthetic stitching and healed as a barely noticeable scar around the nipple.

The Duration Of Surgery

The duration of surgery is 30 to 45 minutes. In order to avoid complications such as bleeding and seromas (accumulation of water under the operating area) in the recovery phase, it may be necessary to attach a drain. This will only stay in the operating area for a few days.

The third method is used to remove excess skin, and together using the methods given above, the skin is removed as previously planned, depending on the size of the breast. If this method is to be used, it is very important to agree with your doctor before the surgery on which scar the surgery should end. The skin removal procedure has a very broad spectrum. From a very simple procedure, such as removing the skin around the nipple, leaving only a barely noticeable small scar around the nipple; to a complicated procedure; as if it were a large breast of a woman to be reduced in size.

Therefore, it is very important to pre-set your needs when planning before surgery and at the meetings. Obesity (obesity) is one of the greatest diseases of our time, and bariatric surgery is involved in its treatment. In particular, in patients who have undergone such a treatment and have lost; due to the relaxation of the skin very much excess skin that must be removed in a gynecomastia treatment.

Gynecomastia – treatment and causes

Gynecomastia describes an enlargement of the male mammary gland. Here, the glandular tissue is increased and it comes to the formation of a breast that looks similar to the female. Gynaecomastoma is often confused with the formation of breasts in men through fat storage – but this has another cause, usually overweight. The multiplication of glandular tissue, on the other hand, is a pathological development that proceeds independently of it. The condition is considered unpleasant by men and has a negative effect on their self-confidence; so that a gynecomastia treatment with plastic surgery becomes necessary.

Causes of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia usually results from a disruption of the hormone balance. Frequently, an interaction of an elevated hormone level with typical female substances and a congenital tendency of the breast tissue to respond to it. If these two factors come together – a female breast forms in the male. Increased hormone levels have different causes: They occur, for example, in puberty, but can also be based on estrogen-producing tumors in the testicles. The frequent consumption of hormone-treated meat can also lead to an imbalance in the hormone balance of the man; which increases the glandular tissue of the breast. In the case of a one-sided enlargement of the male breast one should exclude a mammography by a rarely appearing breast cancer.

Gynecomastia treatment

From a medical point of view, gynecomastia treatment does not always require surgery. Through the administration of hormone preparations, the imbalance in the hormone balance can be compensated, so that at least from a health perspective, the pathological state of the body is resolved. Plastic surgery for the treatment of gynecomastia is often additionally necessary, since the unsightly enlarged male breast does not form on its own under normal hormone balance. This suffers the self-confidence and the quality of life of the men affected. By removing the increased glandular tissue and possibly additional liposuction, gynecomastia treatment plastic surgery offers a number of approaches that are more satisfactory for the patients.

In the run-up to the operation

Prior to treatment, breast tissue should be examined by mammography and / or ultrasound. Then you can decide which method is best. If it is mostly glandular tissue; breast reduction by removing the glandular tissue in men is certainly the most effective method. In this procedure, the excess tissue is removed through a small incision at the margin of the areola; then the wound is closed so that scarcely a visible scar remains. If, on the other hand, fat has accumulated; liposuction is recommended in addition to breast reduction in men. This creates not only a male-looking, but also a slender breast. The liposuction is done in the same procedure as the removal of the mammary tissue. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia with a sedative syringe. As a result, there is hardly any burden on the patient’s body.

Plastic surgery and possible hormonal treatment together make up the best gynecomastia treatment – they provide the mental well-being of the patient and support recovery from a medical perspective.

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