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How Is The Operation Going?

How Is The Operation Going?

Breast augmentation is usually performed inpatient. That is, the woman goes to a clinic for a few days with a specialization. Some doctors offer surgery in local anesthesia (local anesthesia). Usually, the patients get a general anesthetic for the procedure, which lasts between one and two hours, depending on the surgical technique.

First of all, they decided together with their doctor, with which cutting technique he uses the implants. There are the following three variants:

Inframammar access: Here, the surgeon makes a cut in the under-breast fold that is between three and six centimeters long, depending on the size of the implant. With this access route, he has the best view of the surgical area. The disadvantage is that the scars can be seen later when the woman lies on her back.

transaxillary approach: in this case the incision is in the armpit, the scars are only visible when the patient raises her arms and looks at them from the side. However, the place where the implant should lie is relatively far away and less visible to the surgeon.

transaureolar approach: Because this technique cuts right on the edge of the nipple vestibule, the resulting scar is barely visible. The disadvantages include that access is relatively narrow, especially in women with a small areola. In addition, the doctor has to cut through mammary tissue here.

The shape and size of the breasts, diameter of the nipple forecourt, type and volume of the implant, the wishes of the woman, the experience of the surgeon – all this plays a role in the choice of optimal access.

The doctor, through careful editing, creates a cavity over the incision that can either be under the pectoral muscle or between the pectoral muscle and the mammary gland. He then places the implant in this bag. Only when he has thoroughly convinced himself that the implants are in the right place and that the breasts of his patient are naturally positioned, shapely and side by side, he sews the cut again. Previously, he places drains in the operating area, through which blood and wound secretions can flow. Still in the operating room, the woman gets a bandage that protects the wound and supports her breast.

The Location Of The İmplant

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