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Liposuction For Men In Turkey

Liposuction For Men In Turkey

Liposuction is a way to feel-good figure

Liposuction is one of the common cosmetic surgeries. Many people, both women and men, feel more comfortable and attractive in their bodies after this treatment. A leading and promising variant is laser-assisted vibration liposuction.

The liposuction

More and more people see liposuction as a serious opportunity and as a step towards greater well-being. As a rule, the main problem areas for ladies are the usual problem areas; such as the abdomen as well as the hips, the buttocks and also the thighs, which are the cause of dissatisfaction and frustration. While in the men’s liposuction usually in the area of ​​the breast and the abdomen is desired.

Of course, regular exercise and a healthy diet are the best and most suitable methods for getting rid of unwanted fat deposits. Nevertheless, these measures are not without exception promising, since these are usually reserves that the body creates for “bad times” by nature. And the man then, especially with increasing age, is difficult to get rid of. With a professional liposuction, it is still possible to remove these pads by surgery and finally find a way to more well-being. It should be considered, however, that cellulitis does not necessarily disappear through liposuction.

The operation

Liposuction is such that the doctor removes the fat cells from the tissue. The focus is always on the fact that the resulting overall picture of the body parts in question ultimately provides a harmonious view. In addition to surgical expertise, perfect aesthetics is therefore always the focus of every treatment in liposuction. There are some promising ways to get rid of unwanted fat deposits in this form of cosmetic surgery.

The laser-assisted vibration liposuction

One of the most popular and successful liposuction methods is laser-assisted vibration liposuction. This has some concrete advantages. The connective tissue vessels, for example, hardly bear any injuries in this treatment variant. This in turn means that less hematomas are usually formed, and dents are thus decidedly less frequent. In laser-assisted vibration liposuction, it is thus possible to suck off the existing, excess fat cells in a gentle manner.

The tissue to be aspirated is prepared with a special liquid (tumescent solution). In order to use the laser for tightening and for the preparation of the connective tissue, the laser is then passed over the skin. For the actual liposuction only a few small cuts are needed, which usually heal after the procedure, leaving almost no scars. Under vibrations, a thin cannula is inserted into the fatty tissue. The result is a liposuction, which in a gentle and gentle way, the unloved cushions to tackle. And at the same time achieves a tightening of the tissue, which has a positive effect on the appearance as well as the overall physical aesthetics. Thus, just a liposuction can lead to a well-formed body and long-term pleasure.

Liposuction For Men In Turkey

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