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Liposuction in İstanbul – gentle and calculable

Liposuction in İstanbul – gentle and calculable

The liposuction in İstanbul is connected to the latest laser and vibration technology. The procedure is very gentle and the woman quickly returns to the social life.

Liposuction: Modern Solutions

Most women are women of normal weight who opt for liposuction. The problem areas affect the slim silhouette, and the woman feels greatly impaired in her ability to feel good. Many patients report lack of success through diets and long-term exercise. On the buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach, the fat deposits are particularly persistent. Often a cosmetic correction is the last resort to perfect the figure. At a first non-binding appointment the woman informs the specialist about her wishes and ideas. We present to the patient modern and unique solutions and inform about all advantages and risks of liposuction.

Liposuction İn İstanbul: Gentle Treatment

The liposuction for the patient is associated with the great advantages of a modern prestigious clinic. The wet method is the most common technique in liposuction today. A special solution (tumescence) loosens the fat cells from the remaining tissue to facilitate the suction process. In liposuction, the experienced specialist combines the tumescence process with highly developed laser technology. We are talking about laser-assisted PAL liposuction. The laser dissolves the already loosened fat cells and the tumescent solution combines with the dissolved fat. Thus, the specialist is able to suck the emulsion as gently as possible. Another big advantage of this modern treatment is the exact calculability of the results. The experienced specialist can plan the contours in a targeted manner. At the same time, healthy tissue is largely spared. So that the needles leave as few injuries as possible when penetrating the tissue, we combine this method of liposuction with the vibration technique. Vibrating cannulas penetrate more easily through the deep layers of tissue, leaving the blood and lymph vessels and nerve cords unharmed.

Fast Back To Everyday Life

The liposuction is usually carried out in the twilight sleep procedure with local anesthesia. On request, the patient also receives a general anesthetic. The anesthetist and his-her specially trained team are experienced in the field of plastic surgery. The entire clinic team strives to meet the personal needs of the woman and to make the short stay for the patient as relaxed as possible. For gentle liposuction, it is usually sufficient to have an outpatient or inpatient stay with an overnight stay. The procedure itself takes about two to four hours. After three weeks at the latest, bruising and swelling have healed, and after a total of six weeks, the final result can already be guessed. In order to support the regression of the skin, the patient receives from us a firming lotion with a special depth effect. After the procedure, we also prescribe homeopathic medicines that further accelerate the regeneration process.

What is liposuction (with vacuum liposuction)? Why is it used?

Liposuction is a process that uses a fine cannula to aspirate unwanted fat from certain areas by vacuum.

For various reasons – be it genetic or hormonal, or simply because of weight gain over time – fat can accumulate in the various areas of our body. The best surgical method to improve the contour deformations resulting from these reasons is liposuction.

“Liposuction is not a weight loss, but a figure improvement operation.”

In which areas is liposuction most commonly used?

On the face it is the cheeks, the lower jaw; on our body, it is the breasts, the abdominal region and surroundings, the back, upper arms, and the upper part of the inside and outside of the thighs and the inside of the knees, which are treated most by liposuction.

While in men’s gynecomastia the increase in breast, abdominal and waist area growth is the most commonly treated area, women again have the waist area and hips treated the most.

What do I have to do before the operation?

Before the planned operation, they must reach their ideal weight. This facilitates the operation and is critical to success after surgery. It should also be noted that weight loss must be supported not only by diet, but also with a lot of exercise.

With the number of body sites on which surgery is to be performed, it must also be determined with which type of anesthesia the procedure is to be performed. Some liposuction treatments are performed under local anesthesia, whereas in some treatments sedation or general anesthesia is preferred.

All preparations made before each operation are also valid for the liposuction surgery. If your surgery is to be performed under local anesthesia, the necessary blood tests will be performed beforehand. These analyzes will be performed on an empty stomach when you register at your hospital where the surgery will take place. If necessary, the anesthesiologist can request additional analyzes. That’s why it’s important to know if you have chronic illnesses, whether you are taking certain medications, in particular, or if you have any allergies. These questions will be asked after a surgical decision, and additional analyzes and consultations may be carried out.

You must also stop smoking before surgery – whether for your health, for a speedy recovery after surgery, or for a better healing of the scars, this is also crucial.

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