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Methods Of Breast Augmentation

Methods Of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is achieved by inserting implants or injecting body fat into the chest. While breast implants have been used to increase the size of the breast for many years, surgery with autologous fat called lipofilling is becoming increasingly important.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat

A major advantage of breast surgery with autologous fat is the use of the body’s own “bio-material”. As a result, capsular contracture as an essential risk of surgery with implants is virtually eliminated because no foreign body is inserted into the breast. Capsular fibrosis can develop as a result of the onset of breast implants, resulting in connective tissue-like and sometimes painful capsules, which can lead to deformities of the breast. In breast augmentation with autologous fat, this reaction does not occur, which is why the procedure is especially suitable for women who want no foreign body in their body and want to reduce the risks of treatment.

Other advantages of using autologous fat are the lower risk of infection and better feel. The insertion of implants can always lead to infections, because the foreign body was not absolutely sterile at the time of insertion or because the immune system would like to recognize the implant as alien and repel it. Similarly, the breast feels more natural after a treatment with autologous fat, even if modern implants already seem very “lifelike”. A positive side effect of breast augmentation with autologous fat: The material is first taken from other parts of the body, usually from the abdomen, the hip or the thighs, resulting in a good surgical performance to harmonize the overall physical picture. The breasts get bigger as the “problem areas” disappear.

Breast Augmentation With İmplants

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