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Preoperative 3D Simulation Breast Augmentation In Turkey

Preoperative 3D Simulation Breast Augmentation In Turkey

Breast augmentation – an option for me?

Do you want more volume for your breast? Are you dissatisfied with the natural shape and size of your breasts? Do you have difficulty identifying with your own body? This feeling of inadequacy is shared with millions of women. Not for nothing is breast augmentation the world’s most common aesthetic procedure. Every breast operation is a very individual procedure that needs to be planned precisely with you. A professionally performed breast augmentation can increase the feeling for your own femininity and self-confidence and help to feel well in your own body again.

Preoperative 3D simulation

Choosing the right implant plays a crucial role in patient satisfaction. There are countless different shapes and sizes of implants today. Poor results are often due to the choice of a wrong implant size or shape. In the past, you simply put a bag of rice or a trial implant into the bra during the preliminary meeting to get an approximate picture of the required volume. By comparison, Vectra computer simulation is an incredible innovation. The individual anatomy of each individual patient is precisely recorded, and all important variables for the selection of the perfect implant are taken into account. These include e.g. breast diameter, chest anatomy, tissue texture, and possible asymmetries between right and left. The computer can also distinguish the difference between round and teardrop-shaped implants and low and high implant profiles. So we are no longer talking about the visualization of the volume gain, but rather an exact simulation of the size and shape of the breast. The goal is to select the perfect implant for each patient. In practice, after the patient has decided on a particular implant, the image is printed with the desired breast shape. The printout is archived in the file and hung up in the operating room during the operation. The patient is thus guaranteed that the surgeon has understood and internalized her wishes and ideas, and always has her wishful thinking in mind when operating. Often, the patient saved for years on the much-anticipated procedure. The biggest concern then is to wake up after surgery and find that the implants are either too big or too small. The surgeon must, so to speak, each time get exactly the result of what the patient dreams of. Here is the Vectra a very big help. The surgeon needs to understand what the patient wants, and the patient needs to feel well understood so that she can calm down in the hands of the surgeon.

Implants – only from reputable manufacturers

The quality and safety of the implants used play a decisive role in the outcome of breast augmentation. Today, mostly silicone implants are used. These implants are filled with cross-linked (cohesive) silicone gel and therefore can not leak.

We only use high quality implants from renowned companies. These implants are approved a hallmark that guarantees the wearer’s health safety. The companies give a lifetime guarantee on their implants.

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