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Requirements For Breast Augmentation

Requirements For Breast Augmentation

Requirements For Breast Augmentation; An essential requirement for breast augmentation is the minimum age. In Turkey, patients who want plastic surgery should be at least 18 years old. This is especially true for operations without medical indication – so if there is no medical need for the procedure. Basically, a distinction is made between physical and psychological conditions.

Physical requirements

An important exclusion criterion for a breast augmentation is a pregnancy of the patient. Likewise, autoimmune diseases and infections can speak against an operation, because it is likely that it comes after complications. Also, disorders in blood clotting can preclude treatment – at least, patients should talk to the doctor about it. Usually, blood thinners must be discontinued 14 days prior to surgery to prevent severe bleeding during the procedure. Another point in the physical conditions is the current breast size in relation to the desired goal. Here it must be ensured that the jump is not too large, so that the connective tissue is not too much strained.

Psychic prerequisites

Equally important as the physical conditions for breast augmentation are the psychological requirements. Here, the question of the reason for the operation is in the foreground: Does the patient want the treatment in her own interest or is she under social or pressure? Sometimes women can enlarge their breasts because it is the partner’s wish. In addition, the patient must be able to assess the results realistically – this is the personal conversation with the doctor indispensable.

The patient must also be aware of the risks of enlargement of the breast, because as with any surgical procedure, this operation can also lead to complications. In an emergency, the patient must be mentally strong enough to handle it. Ultimately, breast augmentation should only be performed if the patient is fully convinced that she wishes the surgery for herself, that she knows the potential dangers and is ready to face any complications. This is what the patient finds out in the consultation with the doctor, which is why it is so important to prepare well for the initial consultation and the preliminary examination and to question critically whether the doctor cares about the well-being of the patient or if an expensive surgery should be sold quickly.

Methods Of Breast Augmentation

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