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Rhinoplasty for Man in Turkey, Istanbul

Rhinoplasty for Man in Turkey, Istanbul

A nicer nose for more success

The nose is a central organ in the middle of the face and thus attracts the first glances. A crooked, large but too small nose can affect the overall appearance of the face, making one feel unwell. Remedy can create a nose correction here. The nose correction is recommended only from the age of 16, because the nose is fully mature at this time and the cartilage and bone have stabilized. In men, a nose job should be done even later. If you are healthy, the nose job can be done until old age.


Reasons for a nose

Nasal corrections are not only desired for aesthetic reasons, but also because of nasal breathing problems. If there are any nasal breathing problems, these can be resolved in a session with the aesthetic rhinoplasty. If necessary, not only the outer but also the inner nose is corrected. The surgeon should always see the nose as a functional entity. No patient will be satisfied with a beautiful nose, with which he can no longer breathe after the operation. Here the so-called functional nose correction is required.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, you should ask yourself a few questions before visiting the surgeon:

  • What problems do I have with my nose?
  • Should my nose be functional, i. the breathing be corrected with?
  • Which aesthetic corrections do I want?
  • For whom should these corrections be carried out?
  • Do I have realistic ideas?
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