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Rhinoplasty, Nose Job Surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty, Nose Job Surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty: a drastic change

The success of a rhinoplasty depends to a large extent on the experience of the specialist and his fine sense of aesthetics. The nose immediately catches the eye and characterizes the entire appearance. Best rhinoplasty surgeon turkey, so we show you the results with 3d vectra, and you can see how you will be after surgery.

Rhinoplasty – reasons and possibilities

The woman places high demands on her own aesthetics. Nevertheless, there are no ideal measures for the nose. Here, symmetrical noses are particularly beneficial and not always fits the natural shape of the nose to the rest of appearance. Many women feel impaired in their beauty by bumps or unfavorable forms of the nose. Modern cosmetic surgery involves virtually limitless options for rhinoplasty. Neoformations of the nostrils and nasal humps are just as possible as cusps and diminutions.

nasal aesthetic woman

The experienced specialist is able to give the tip of the nose a new shape and change the angle between nose and upper lip. The specialist always take into account the functional values ​​of the nose. As an olfactory organ, it has important tasks to fulfill. If the respiratory function is impaired, this can be fully restored by modern and safe plastic surgery methods. It is part of everyday life for the experienced specialist and his specially trained team to plan and carry out the improvement of function and aesthetics in just one operation. The doctor speaks in this case of a Septorhinoplastik.

Rhinoplasty: application of state-of-the-art techniques

A symmetrical face and medium-thick skin is considered by the specialist physician to be an ideal prerequisite for nose correction. As part of the consultation, the specialist performs an accurate facial analysis. In doing so, in addition to the personal features of the patient, he particularly considers the chin. In some cases, a change in shape is necessary to obtain a naturally harmonious overall result. The experienced specialist explains the patient completely about the techniques, their advantages and risks.

During the interventions for the aesthetic and functional improvement of the nose, revolutionary developments have emerged in recent years. The experienced specialist uses modern materials and advanced techniques to further optimize outstanding natural esthetic results.

Through an open access the surgeon sees directly on the nose scaffold and at the same time new materials facilitate the shaping of the new nose. The bridge of the nose receives a much softer and more beautiful shape, especially in the case of cusps. If the nasal dorsum changes, the specialist may also plan a reshaping of the nasal tip if desired. Changes in the nasal septum and turbinate improve the respiratory function of the nose.

Fine-tuned anesthesia and hospital stay

The specially trained anesthetist decides together with the surgeon whether general anesthesia is necessary for rhinoplasty. The decision depends entirely on the scope of the operation. In the case of particularly complex procedures, general anesthesia can lower the blood pressure so that the blood flow is reduced and the surgeon has a permanent field of view. More extensive changes are usually associated with a hospital stay. Thus the patient is in the care of the trained hospital staff after the operation and the well-being of the woman is ensured. The experienced specialist then supervises the further recovery process as part of an extensive follow-up.

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