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Risks And Problems With Breast Augmentation

Risks And Problems With Breast Augmentation

Risks And Problems With Breast Augmentation; Because it is an operative procedure, complications can occur. The most common risks of breast augmentation are encapsulation, infection, and wound healing problems. Encapsulation or hardening is very rare (less than 5 percent) and implants only. In case of treatment with autologous fat, the risk is almost excluded. In recent years, however, the implants have been developed consistently, which is why the risk of encapsulation has dropped significantly.

Breast enlargement infections may be due to poor hygiene during surgery or if the implants are deficient. The result can be severe pain, fever and circulatory problems. Occasionally, the implants must be removed if allergies occur. Therefore, patients should be careful to be treated only by reputable doctors and clinics. Already when entering the practice rooms, in the preliminary examination and in consultation with the doctor or in dealing with the clinic staff, patients can determine what value is placed on cleanliness. If there is a lack of hygiene in the waiting room or in the examination room, less attention may be paid to cleanliness during the operation.

Another risk is the tearing or bursting of the implants. This can happen especially in accidents in which strong forces act on the upper body of the woman. Modern implants are now largely “leak-proof”. Which implants are used and how high the safety is, discuss patients in discussion with the doctor.

Healing and pain after surgery

After a breast augmentation with implants patients suffer for a period of three to four days, sometimes in severe pain. Most clinics give you painkillers for this time. The breast will also be sensitive to pressure and pain in the weeks following enlargement. In addition, some patients feel weak and tired. The bandage will be removed a few days after the operation, then it will be necessary to wear a special support bra for about a month – day and night. The bra ensures that the implants grow in the desired position.

A medical examination is usually not performed if a breast augmentation is an esthetically-related procedure. Most of the patients take a vacation during this time to recover from the operation. Sports should be avoided for four to six weeks, individual sports in which the upper body is heavily used should be discussed with the doctor.

Aftercare And Care For Breast Augmentation

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