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The Aftercare For Breast Augmentation

The Aftercare For Breast Augmentation

The surgical success of a breast surgery is clearly visible shortly after the procedure. But weeks pass until the cosmetic result is finally assessed. This time requires some patience because it is associated with slight limitations. The tense chest hurts a bit in the first few days after the operation. Although freshly operated women can go about their normal daily activities after only a few days, in the first four weeks the operated breast needs a lot of rest, so that the tissue heals and the implant does not slip. The tension in the chest will last for about four to six weeks. It can take months before the familiar feeling in the chest returns.

On the first day after the operation

Here are usually removed the drains, which has laid the surgeon. The bandage can be removed either immediately or in the next few days. In the first three weeks a specially adapted bra supports the newly operated breast. Eight to ten days after the procedure, the dermal thread is removed. Most women are fit for work after one week.

Note: Before-After Photos are not allowed

A comparative presentation of our beautiful results with before-after shots is prohibited by the legislature in Turkey. In a personal consultation and education about possibilities and limitations of the procedure, however, a presentation of these results is possible.

The days after

Once the patches and sutures have been removed, the scar care can be started. There are special ointments or scars that should be worn for several weeks. Breast massages can support the stretching of the implant capsule from the third week and thus prevent capsular contracture (see risks). As after all surgical procedures, the scar is first reddened. It turns paler and thinner over the weeks that follow. Only after about three months is it possible to finally assess the result.

Supportive measures in the first weeks

In order not to impair the healing process, women should avoid nicotine after breast augmentation. In the first five weeks they have to do without sport. Later it is advisable during sports activities to wear a tight-fitting sports bra. During the first three weeks you should do without sauna and steam bath. The scar should be protected by UV exposure to sunlight or solarium.

Experts recommend regular follow-up after one week, one month, three months and one year.

Look forward to it!

With the right indication and realistic expectations, most patients are very satisfied with their breast implants. Improving the outward appearance often means the beginning of a new life. They have a higher complacency and self-esteem.

What is the next step?

No booklet can replace an individual consultation. The next step to your desired goal is an appointment with our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery. In a personal conversation, you will be able to answer all your questions in peace and work out an individual treatment concept together with you.

Call – our friendly service team will gladly arrange an appointment for you: Phone:  +90 532 777 8939

We wish you to feel well.

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