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The Choice Of The Right İmplant

The Choice Of The Right İmplant

In general, doctors distinguish between symmetrical round or oval and teardrop-shaped breast implants. Since the latter are modeled on the natural shape of the breast, we also speak of anatomical implants.

Both versions are available in different heights and with volumes between 80 and 800 milliliters.

If a woman chooses her breast implants, she should not be too focused on milliliter numbers or a specific cup size. Rather, it is crucial that the size suits her and she can identify with her “new” bosom after the operation.

Your personal wishes and ideas certainly play the main role. But also anatomical conditions are important factors. These include body size, the amount of breast tissue present, the shape of the ribcage and the nature of the breast skin. So the often implanted volume of 250 milliliters may be too little for a rather strong woman, but too much for a very petite person.

Each woman is advised individually by her doctor before the procedure. In this conversation, she has the opportunity to put trial implants of various sizes in her bra. In addition, the patient can look at photos of other women’s breasts and say which ones she likes best. Together with the doctor, she then takes the time to decide which shape and size her breast implants should have.

How Is The Operation Going?

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