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The Risks Of A Breast Lift

The Risks Of A Breast Lift

Breast Lift – Many women want a tighter breast that is not only held up by the bra.

Breast lift is not a simple operation but is generally associated with low risks when performed by a qualified plastic and aesthetic surgery specialist. Nevertheless, sudden complications can not be completely ruled out. These are best discussed in a personal conversation between you and the surgeon.

As with any other procedure, bruising and swelling may occur. Only in rare cases, these have to be remedied by a relieving operation, usually they heal themselves after a few days to weeks.

In rare cases, the wound may become inflamed or wound healing disorders may occur which may later lead to broader scars. Also, circulatory disorders or emotional impairments of the nipple are extremely rare.

Factors such as heavy smoking, diabetes or a blood clotting disorder often play a role. The individual points are explained in detail in the consultation. However, a cure delay does not affect the new breast shape. A possible scar broadening can be compensated by a small later correction.

If the finest skin nerves are severed during the operation, the skin may temporarily feel numb in this area. Experience has shown that these sensory disturbances disappear by themselves. Your surgeon will inform you about the course of emerging more or less visible scars.

Both breasts are never completely symmetrical before and after surgery. The best possible symmetry is achieved by the breast lift. If, in individual cases, noticeable deviations can be detected after the intervention, these can be remedied in a later corrective intervention.

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