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The Risks Of Breast Augmentation

The Risks Of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Each inserted breast implant triggers a foreign body reaction. The body recognizes the material as foreign and wraps it with tissue. Most of the resulting connective tissue capsule is so thin and elastic that it is not palpable. It does, however, contract and contract the implant so that it hardens. This so-called capsular contracture can still form after years and is the most common problem in connection with a breast augmentation operation. For painful or optically visible capsular fibrosis, the breast implant with tissue capsule must be removed and a new pillow inserted. The frequency of modern implants is only about 5%.

Risks Surgery

It can, as after any surgical procedure, bruising and swelling arise, but usually heal by itself. Although in the case of breast augmentation the blood vessels are fused by the action of electricity and heat, it is very rare for larger rebleeding to occur, which must be surgically relieved. A few days after surgery, the wound can become infected. However, such infections are very rare. Most of them heal after appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Occasionally occur after breast surgery and wound healing disorders. However, they only develop if unfavorable circumstances known in advance, such as heavy smoking, diabetes or a blood coagulation disorder, impair the healing process.

If the finest skin nerves are severed during the operation, the skin may temporarily feel numb in this area. In some women after the procedure, the nipples are hypersensitive or reduced in sensitivity. Experience has shown that these sensory disturbances disappear by themselves. All in all, breast plasty is a low-complication and safe operation. More information under breast augmentation aftercare, here you will find all the information especially about the situation after the operation.

Risks İmplants

Breast Enlargement Implant

Most breast implants are only partially radiolucent. Mammography is therefore only of limited significance for wearers of breast implants. You should still be involved in mammographic breast cancer screening. If the doctor is informed about the implant, he will recommend additional ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

An implant does not need to be replaced routinely, but is potentially subject to an aging process. It is therefore advisable to check the condition of the implants by ultrasound examination and magnetic resonance imaging after ten to fifteen years. Older silicone pads should be replaced after ten years.

In rare cases, such as after a fall, breast implants can tear. A defective pillow should be replaced in any case.

In our clinic, we only use high-quality implants such. As the manufacturer, which are equipped with test certificate and provide implant wear the wearers the highest level of safety.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that, from a medical point of view, there are no objections to the use of silicone implants. However, some women do not tolerate the material.

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