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Tummy Tuck For Men In Turkey

Tummy Tuck For Men In Turkey

A strong overweight permanently stretches the skin. When the ideal weight is reached, the skin in the abdominal area loses its firmness. For this reason, more and more men decide for a tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck: reasons and possibilities

Men are usually equipped with a firmer connective tissue than women. In case of severe obesity, the skin is permanently overstretched and not infrequently the abdominal wall widens. As a result, even the tummy tuck, remains the only option for the man to restore his desired aesthetic. The classic tummy tuck is one of the four known surgical methods. The tightening widens up to the costal arch and a navel displacement is planned. In the mini-abdominoplasty, the specialist provides for a mobilization that just reaches over the navel and this remains in the same position. This big tummy tuck is connected to a vertical cut. The upper abdominoplasty as a fourth method is hardly used, because the incision in the lower breast fold often leads to critical scars.

Tummy tuck: before surgery for consultation

Each operation is preceded by a detailed consultation by the specialist. The doctor takes about an hour to talk to the patient. He authenticates his statements with pictures and shows the possibilities for the intervention with all advantages and disadvantages. Together with the patient, the specialist decides on a meaningful surgical method. Based on a photo documentation, the man receives precise information about exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. Once the plan for the operation has been determined, the specialist will make a precise estimate. After two in-depth consultations, the patient has enough confidence to enter the operating room almost without fear.

Surgery and aftercare

Only on the actual day of surgery, the patient is expected in the clinic. Throughout the entire stay, a specially trained team is available to the guest before, during and after his tummy tuck. He moves to a single or a twin room and the specialist takes enough time for his patient before surgery to sign and review the operation plan one last time. The anesthetist with his anesthesia staff is a specialist in his field and the safety of the patient is always in the foreground. Depending on the procedure, the surgery is over after about two hours. If pain occurs after awakening, a good pain therapy is used. In addition to the complete care by the hospital staff, the specialist in the evening visit takes enough time for his guest. As a rule, the patient may leave the clinic after two nights of intensive follow-up. Nevertheless, the everyday life in the first week is still out. Although the specialist does not allow for much work two weeks after the surgery, it is now time to get back into the social life.

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