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Tummy Tuck for Women in Istanbul

Tummy Tuck for Women in Istanbul

With the tummy tuck to the perfected beauty

With a tummy tuck, it is important that the specialist places himself in the position of his patient. A beautiful belly guarantees attractive appearance, and the naturalness must not suffer with the procedure.

Tummy tuck: women have their reasons

In old age, women often notice that the connective tissue loses firmness. With a tummy tuck, mature women retain their usual attractiveness. Pregnancies often increase in beauty to a great extent. Skin and tissue in the abdominal area are permanently overstretched for months and the success of the regression are in many cases rather moderate. Not infrequently, a flabby belly with stretch marks remains. But also heavy weight fluctuations of a general nature lead to tummy tucks. The true extent of the blemish becomes noticeable only after a permanent change in the diet to the desired weight. If the stomach is no longer in shape, then this condition affects the feel-good factor and the self-confidence. Cosmetic Surgery offers many effective ways to perfect the female silhouette.

Tummy tuck – big and small wishes

If the skin loses its firmness, the fatty tissue often sinks underneath. The result is unsightly bulges in varying degrees. Plastic surgery offers individual solutions to completely restore the patient’s earlier quality of life. The specialized medical specialists carry out comprehensive consultations in advance in order to develop a targeted surgical plan together with the patient. The trained clinic team has a wealth of experience. So it is not a big challenge to perform multiple techniques with just one procedure. Even with a large tummy tuck, the specialist ensures that the incision is made in an inconspicuous place.

The cut runs within the bikini area and from here the specialist is free to mobilize up to the costal arch. He cuts out the belly button to be able to move it. Thanks to state-of-the-art cutting techniques, only inconspicuous scars remain despite the major surgery. This surgical technique still leaves enough room for planned liposuction and modeling of adjacent problem areas. If a lot of excess skin is removed, a vertical incision may be beneficial. The specialist takes several hours for this procedure and a short-term inpatient admission in a friendly atmosphere is not lacking in this surgical technique. Everyday life may begin again after about four weeks, but the final result will be only visible after four to six months.

The small procedure – the lower tummy tuck

Sometimes only minor corrections are needed to redefine the beauty of the woman. Here is the possibility of a mini tummy tuck. The mobilization refers only to the abdominal area under the navel and the navel remains in its original position. The specialized anesthesia team will usually use a local anesthetic in twilight sleep for this tummy tuck. For the most part, the specialist considers that this method is sufficient for an outpatient stay. The procedure itself takes about one to two hours. With this technique, the woman is allowed to return to daily duties without any restrictions after about two weeks.

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