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What İs Breast Augmentation?

What İs Breast Augmentation?

The surgical procedure to increase the volume of the breast and to change its shape is described by physicians as breast augmentation. As a rule, the doctor uses silicone breast implants today. He uses them either between breast tissue and chest muscle or behind the pectoral muscle. A current variant is the insertion of the implant between muscle and muscle fascia, ie “in” the muscle. This is to reduce the capsular fibrosis rate (see section “Risks and complications”). Another option is breast augmentation with autologous fat, which is sucked out of the patient’s body and then specially processed. However, the comparatively new and comparatively expensive method is being discussed controversially by experts, partly because there are as yet no long-term studies on the results and possible complications.

How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost?

According to estimates of the Turkish Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, up to 40,000 breast augmentations are currently being performed in Turkey every year – and the trend is rising. The cost is between 3000 and 7000 euros. Only under special conditions will the health insurance companies cover the costs. For health insurance benefits, there must be a “medical necessity” of the procedure. This is a matter of interpretation in the case of breast augmentation. As a rule, such an application for reimbursement should be accompanied by detailed medical and psychotherapeutic certificates. And even then a reimbursement is not self-evident.

Because some women opt for a breast surgery for purely aesthetic reasons. They feel their breasts as too small, too slack, too asymmetrical or – summarized – not according to their personal beauty ideal. Thanks to modern breast implants and surgical techniques, the doctors can form the bosom according to most wishes, usually with good results.

Which Implant Types Are There?

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